Three Advocates recommended as Judges of Himachal Pradesh High Court [Read Collegium Resolutions]

Meera Emmanuel April 30 2019
Himachal Pradesh High Court

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the elevation of three advocates to the Bench of the Himachal Pradesh High Court.

As per two Collegium resolutions issued today, advocates Anoop Chitkara, Jyotsna Rewal Dua and Satyen Vaidya have been recommended for appointment as High Court judges.

All three nominees were found suitable by the Supreme Court Collegium for elevation to the High Court after consulting colleagues familiar with the High Court affairs, considering inputs of the Department of Justice and personal interaction.

The proposal to elevate advocates Chitkara and Dua was made by the High Court Collegium in December last year, whereas the proposal to elevate advocate Vaidya was made in January this year.

In advocate Vaidya's case, the Collegium also took note of a complaint placed in her file. However, the Collegium appears to have found no merit in the same.

Accordingly, the two Collegium resolutions passed on Tuesday state as follows,

"... the Collegium resolves to recommend that (1) Shri Anoop Chitkara, and (2) Ms. Jyotsna Rewal Dua, Advocates, be appointed as Judges of the Himachal Pradesh High Court. Their inter se seniority be fixed as per the existing practice."

"...  the Collegium resolves to recommend that Shri Satyen Vaidya, Advocate, be appointed as Judge of the Himachal Pradesh High Court."

Read the Resolutions:

Collegium Resolution - Himachal HC 1


Collegium Resolution - Himachal HC 2