#TeachersDay Special: Eight interviews with law school faculty

Aditya AK September 5 2017

With a view to chronicling the evolution of legal education in India, over the years, Bar & Bench has been interviewing members of the academia, including Professors and Vice-Chancellors of the best law schools in India and abroad.

This Teachers Day, we bring you eight such interviews with some of the best academicians out there.

1. Prof Armin Rosencranz

Dr. Armin Rosencranz

Dr. Armin Rosencranz

Interview published on: February 25, 2017

Post when interviewed: Professor of Law, Jindal Global Law School

Quote from the interview:

"...there are too many law students in India today. No one realises it but it is true. Eventually, there is going to be a contraction. Student bodies will contract, the lower level law schools will disband. The jobs available will reduce."

(Read full interview here)

2. Dr. Poonam Saxena

Prof. Poonam Saxena, NLU Jodhpur

Dr. Poonam Saxena

Interview published on: October 28, 2016

Post when interviewed: Vice-Chancellor, NLU Jodhpur

Quote from the interview:

"In the teaching profession, one cannot afford to be static. Just as we learn new developments in substantive law, you have to learn new methods in teaching as well."

(Read full interview here)

3. Dr. Rose Varghese

Dr. Rose Varghese

Interview published on: February 20, 2015

Post when interviewed: Vice-Chancellor, NUALS Kochi

Quote from the interview:

"I find a lot of warmth in the relationship with my students. I love my students and am very approachable. When I was moving from Jamia after 20 years of teaching there, they were in tears."

(Read full interview here)

4. Prof Faizan Mustafa

Prof Faizan Mustafa

Interview published on: September 16, 2014

Post when interviewed: Vice-Chancellor, NALSAR Hyderabad

Quote from the interview:

"The truth is that students today are under too much academic stress. I want to reduce this stress. We are indeed teaching them too much."

(Read full interview here)

5. Prof Mary Hiscock

Professor Mary Hiscock

Prof Mary Hiscock

Interview published on: December 27, 2016

Post when interviewed: Emeritus Professor at Law Faculty, Bond University (Australia)

Quote from the interview:

"So if somebody comes late for class, I will make them extremely uncomfortable. Not because it is rude to me but because it disrupts the class. And if you are working on something really complicated, you don’t want someone coming in...let them try doing that to a judge and see what happens."

(Read full interview here)

6. Prof C Raj Kumar

Raj Kumar JGLS Admissions 2017 - 18, Jindal Global Law School

Prof Raj Kumar

Interview published on: September 6, 2012

Post when interviewed: Dean, Jindal Global Law School

Quote from the interview:

"...we have not been able to create institutions which inspire our students, institutions which can produce rigorous academic research, institutions which are engaged in the task of knowledge creation, and institutions which are involved in the building of a nation."

(Read full interview here)

7. Justice (Retd.) NN Mathur

Justice NN Mathur


Interview published on: March 2, 2012

Post when interviewed: Vice-Chancellor, NLU Jodhpur

Quote from the interview:

"This notion [that teaching is an unattractive option] has become outdated now. That was my feeling two years back. But now I see that many young people are prepared to opt for teaching, if you are really prepared to take good care of them."

(Read full interview here)

8. Prof MP Singh

Prof MP Singh

Interview published on: January 13, 2012

Quote from the interview:

"The focus here at Indian Law Schools is not in creating law but specifically on creating corporate or litigation lawyers."

(Read full interview here)


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