Supreme Court Collegium resolves to repatriate Justice Pramath Patnaik to Orissa HC

Shruti Mahajan January 11 2019

The Supreme Court Collegium has passed a resolution recommending the repatriation of Justice Pramath Patnaik from the Jharkhand High Court to the Orissa High Court, his parent high court.

Patnaik J. was transferred to the Jharkhand High Court and had been serving as a judge there since December 2014. Nearly four years later, in November 2018, a representation was made by Patnaik J before the Supreme Court Collegium requesting a re-transfer back to his parent high court.

Acceding to his request, the Collegium has resolved to recommend Justice Patnaik's repatriation to Orissa High Court "in the interest of better administration of justice."

"The Collegium, acceding to his request, resolves to recommend that Mr. Justice Pramath Patnaik, Judge, Jharkhand High Court, be re-transferred, in the interest of better administration of justice, to Orissa High Court"

Read the Resolution:


Collegium resolution - Pramath Patnaik_Judge_Jharkhand - Jan 10-watermark