Collegium recommends Manish Choudhury for elevation to Gauhati High Court, remits two names

Shruti Mahajan December 5 2018
Gauhati High Court

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended one advocate for elevation to the Gauhati High Court,  while remitting the names of one judicial officer each from the Gauhati and Tripura High Courts for reconsideration.

The Collegium recommendation has found Advocate Manish Choudhury of the Gauhati High Court suitable for elevation after carefully scrutinizing the material placed before it by the Department of Justice.

Choudhury’s name was recommended by the Chief Justice of the High Court in May 2017 and was considered by the Supreme Court Collegium in April this year. However, at that point, the Collegium has decided to defer the proposal.

Through the resolution dated December 4, the Supreme Court Collegium has decided to recommend Choudhury’s name for elevation as a judge of the Gauhati High Court.

The Collegium, however, remitted the proposals two judicial officers - Selina Begum from the Gauhati High Court and Data Mohan Jamatia from the Tripura High Court - to the Chief Justices of the said Courts.

Begum’s proposal was made along with Choudhury’s in May 2017 and was deferred by the Supreme Collegium in April 2018. Through the resolution passed on December 4, the Collegium has remitted the proposal for reconsideration.

Jamatia’s proposal was deferred by the Supreme Court Collegium in November 2017 and has now been remitted.

Read Collegium recommendation for Gauhati High Court:

Gauhati HC resolution-watermark

Read Collegium recommendation for Tripura High Court:

Tripura HC resolution-watermark