SCBA contributes Rs 51 lakh towards Kerala Flood relief fund

Varun Chirumamilla August 29 2018
supreme court bar association

The Supreme Court Bar Association (SCBA) today contributed a sum of Rs 51 lakh to the Chief Minister's Distress Relief Fund, to assist in providing succour to the victims of the Kerala floods.

A cheque for the sum of Rs. 51 lakh was sent to the Resident Commissioner, Kerala in New Delhi.

Speaking to Bar & Bench, SCBA Treasurer Meenesh Kumar Dubey said that SCBA is indebted to the senior and junior members of the Bar who came forward to extend their support to the people of Kerala.

A couple of weeks ago, the association had pledged a sum of Rs. 30 lakh towards relief for the Kerala floods. In a circular dated August 16, the Executive Committee of the SCBA had called upon members of the association to donate towards the Calamity Relief Fund.

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