Obituary-Dr Vepa P Sarathi He Cannot be beat

Bar & Bench January 27 2012

Angad Mehta and Aditya Swarup write a fitting tribute to late Prof. Vepa P. Sarathi. Both of them graduated from NALSAR in 2010 and had the privilege of studying under Prof. Vepa Sarathi.

 By Angad Mehta and Aditya Swarup

“‎There once was an old man of Lyme, Who married three wives at a time, When asked, ‘Why a third?’, He replied, ‘One's absurd! And bigamy, sir, is a crime".

Anybody from NALSAR who has studied under Prof. Vepa P. Sarathi would recount this limerick as one of the many with which he would . . .

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