Judiciary Watch: 478 vacancies in High Courts across the country

The Department of Justice has released the data regarding vacancies in the Supreme Court of India and the high courts. As per this data, there are 478 vacancies in twenty-four High Courts across the country.

Only the Tripura High Court is functioning with the sanctioned strength, while the Supreme Court of India has 3 vacancies.

The Allahabad High Court, which has the largest approved strength of 160, is functioning with less than half that strength. It has 78 judges with 82 vacancies.

The Punjab & Haryana High Court also has a large number of vacancies. Out of the sanctioned strength of 85, only 44 judges are currently on the Bench, which means 41 posts are vacant.

When it comes to the four metro cities, the Madras High Court leads the pack with 37 vacancies against an approved strength of 75. The Calcutta High Court has 32 vacancies, while Bombay has 30. The Delhi High Court has 24 vacancies.

When it comes to all India figures, the approved strength of all the High Courts put together is 1079. Out of that, there are 601 judges, with the number of vacancies standing at 478.

Delving into further details, out of the approved strength of 1079, 771 are permanent posts while 308 are additional judges posts. Out of the sanctioned strength of  771 permanent judges, there are currently 510 judges. As regards additional judges, the approved strength is 308, but only 91 judges are currently on the roll.

Here is the list of vacancies in the higher judiciary:

Vacancy statement - Supreme Court and High Courts