Expected cut offs for CLAT 2017 by CLAT mentor Rajneesh Singh

Bar & Bench May 24 2017

CLAT Mentor Rajneesh Singh takes us through the expected cut offs for the CLAT 2017 examination. He also advises candidates on how to approach the coming few days.

Why do I do this every year?

I started almost 14 years ago, but for CLAT it started in 2009. In 2008, after NLSIU had closed its admissions after a third list, there were still many seats vacant. Those were filled up later individually by various NLUs taking out their own lists or the way they wanted to. I remember the majority did not know about the same. This gave an advantage to those informed or had proximity to an institution.

This is not the only matter of concern, there are many other problems including marking the preference list wrongly. Many pay the price for such mistakes.

I had two choices: either to start educating the masses or to keep this system on and extend help only to the close ones.

But, I took the decision to keep educating CLAT takers and their parents. Today, I am happy to see that CLAT has become the most transparent entrance test of India. No other exam has such detailed listing coming out and everyone knows the details of each admission. Even while filling up for the vacant seats, respective NLUs are almost fully transparent.

I have been running CLAT/NLU/LAW online forums since 2007 and I have been in test prep guidance since 2000.

I have always seen that there is a lot of anxiety, among the exam takers after the exam, for assessing where they stand. And I know that predicting the cut-offs, after doing scientific research, settles the minds of students.

I am sure it also helps to take some decisions. The exam takers must believe that the expected cut off cannot be exactly accurate. Also, my predicted marks cut off may fluctuate a little, but rank cut off will be surely almost the same. After the rank list is out, CLAT takers can take this rank cut off list as a guiding note.

I also do this because it also helps me to get extremely well prepared and informed about all the complex data. This helps me when I have to answer thousands of queries after the result is out.

How do I predict the cut-off?

For CLAT 2009 and 2010, my predictions were almost perfect. In 2013, it was exactly the same. It was a pleasant surprise for me. I am sure in 2013 it was coincidental. Yes, I am always 95% sure that my expected cut off (marks) will be correct within an error of 4 marks. Yes, the rank cut off which I predict is not only of immense use but I am also 98% sure with little error.

In 2014, I failed by a good margin (there were irregularities). In 2015, I only did the rank cut off, as there were many errors. In 2016, my cut off for top 3 was exactly the same but from Bhopal to Patiala it fluctuated by 3 to 5 marks. Apart from that, it was quite close to the actual one.

These help in doing the analysis and the predictions:

  1. My experience helps (17 years in test prep with exposure to more than 50 different types of exams and the related students)
  2. Database of past year results
  3. The trends.
  4. The variation of the density of the tied marks at different level
  5. Time constraint (this year there was hardly any)
  6. Changes in difficulty level and number of seats
  7. Number of easy questions and how fast the difficulty level has increased with the rest of the questions
  8. And of course, my students, from where I get the data and feelings. The feelings/expressions are the best resource. As I always say the students who are my teachers keep me under constant innovation and keep me motivated. Yes, they are my mentors.

What should a CLAT 2017 candidate do now?

  1. Enjoy these few days. Your schedule after you enter law school is likely to be very hectic.
  2. Do collect all relevant information regarding admissions
  3. Take these predictions as a helping tool keeping in mind that this is not the exact one.
  4. The rank cut off will be very helpful especially after the results.
  5. Do keep yourself well informed about the admission process. Do not hesitate to call the NLUs if required.
  6. You can post your queries here. I will answer.

How is the CLAT 2017 admission process expected to progress?

  1. Final result with ranks is expected to come out on May 29. Likely to come a little earlier.
  2. Then the first list of all 18 NLUs will be out on June 5. This will be prepared according to the preference list and your rank. (Do not panic if last NLU cut off is higher than expectation. You may get a seat. It keeps falling till the fourth list and even after the centralized counselling is over, many seats gets vacated after July 6). Most of the seats of bottom 4 NLUs are filled after July 6, when the centralised process is over and NLUs take care of the admissions themselves. HNLU had 12 and NUJS had 11 seats vacant in 2012. So, keep a close eye at the NLU websites. This happens because many leave for joining some other course or for other reasons before the semester starts in first week/second week of July.
  1. If you are listed in the first list then you will be asked to deposit (50k) the amount to confirm the booking of the seat (by June 8). Approximately 300 people are expected not to deposit the amount.
  2. Now, the next 300 will get a chance in the second list. There will be upgradations too (from a lower preferred ranked college to higher preferred college) according to the rank and preference list.
  3. Similarly, third list will come.
  4. You will be instructed to take admission at the allotted NLUs on June 24-25. 60-120 seats are likely to get vacated. This will be taken care in the fourth list. If required, students will be transferred to the upgraded NLUs.
  5. On July 6, centralised admission process will close.
  6. Vacant seats will arise in many NLU after July 6. For this keep visiting the respective NLU websites.
  7. Note – There will be a deadline to request for a refund of 50000 booking amount. Keep a watch on that.

Here are the expected cut offs for each NLU:

Law School First List (marks) First List (rank) Last List (marks) Last List (rank) Marks for Vacant seats after July 6 Rank for Vacant seats after July 6
NLSIU 138.75 58 136.75 58 Rarely happens -
NALSAR 130.5 125 130.25 130 Rarely happens
NUJS 124 215 123 245 Unpredictable Most of the time no vacant seats
NLIU 118.75 340 116.75 410 Unpredictable Very few
NLUJ 118 360 116 440 Unpredictable Very few
GNLU 114.75 450 113 540 Unpredictable Very few
HNLU 112.5 555 108.5 750 106 850
RMLNLU 111.5 620 108.25 770 108.75 775
RGNUL 108.75 740 104.25 980 103.5 1050
MNLU Mumbai 108.75 740 103.5 1050 101.75 1200
CNLU 104.75 900 100.25 1450 92.5 2000
NLUO 103.5 1040 100 1500 92.5 2000
ILNU (Nirma) 104 1000 99.25 1550 92.5 2000
NUALS 103.5 1050 99 1580 90 2500
NUSRL 102.5 1100 99 1600 87 3000
NLUJAA 102.5 1120 98.25 1700 82 4000
TNNLS 102.25 1160 97.5 1750 80 4500
DSNLU 102 1170 97.5 1750 78 5000
MNLU Nagpur 101.75 1200 96.75 1800 78 5000
Kirit P Mehta School of Law (NMIMS) 90 2500 75 6000
UPES Dehradun 87 3000 71 8000
KIIT Bhubaneswar 87 3000 71 8000
35 other private law schools 61 12000 66-42 10000-25000

Rajneesh Singh is the founder of CLAT Essentials (https://testprepshop.ccavenue.com), clatgk.com (Complete solution for CLAT GK prep) and the Do-Zen (https://www.facebook.com/rajneeshdozen/).