#Laalbatti: Delhi High Court judges turn off the red beacon

Red beacons

Judges in Delhi’s Constitutional Courts have started shedding the red beacons on their official vehicles, in consonance with the decision of the Central government to ban such beacons from the cars of all Constitutional functionaries, Ministers, bureaucrats and other VIPs.

All the judges of Delhi High Court have removed the red beacons, according to sources.

Judges of the Supreme Court has also started to adhere to the proposed decision and many have already given up the red beacons.

Though the ban comes into effect only on May 1 and the amendment to the concerned Rule has not happened yet, the judges have decided to give up the beacons.

Interestingly, two judges of the Delhi High Court, Justice Gita Mittal and Justice S Muralidhar have never used red beacons on their cars. These two judges also don’t avail the services of Personal Security Officers,  which they are entitled to.