Collegium recommends transfer of two High Court judges, despite their opposition

Murali Krishnan November 1 2018

At least three High Court judges who were recommended for transfer to different High Courts by the Supreme Court Collegium were not in agreement with their proposed transfers.

This has been revealed by the Collegium resolutions which have been published on the Supreme Court website today.

Justice Rajesh Bindal, who is currently serving as a judge of the Punjab & Haryana High Court was sought to be transferred to Madras High Court.

However, upon being requested to send in their reponse in terms of the Memorandum of Procedure, Justice Bindal requested that his transfer be reconsidered or in the alternative he be transferred to a High Court in North India closer to his parent High Court viz. Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh or Rajasthan.

The Collegium declined the request to reconsider the transfer but it acceded to his request to be transferred to a High Court in the North.

It, thus, proceeded to propose his transfer to Jammu & Kashmir High Court instead of Madras High Court.

Similarly, Patna High Court judge, Justice Ravi Ranjan who was recommended for transfer to Punjab & Haryana High Court requested that his transfer be stayed or he be sent to Jharkhand or Allahabad High Court. But the Collegium turned down both his requests.

However, in the case of a third judge, Justice Vineet Kothari, the Collegium acceded to the request to be transferred to a different High Court.

The Collegium had proposed the transfer of Justice Kothari, who is currently serving as Karnataka High Court judge, to Allahabad High Court. Kothari J., however, requested that he be transferred to either Punjab & Haryana High Court, Madras High Court or Delhi High Court.

The request was acceded to by the Collegium which has now decided to transfer him to Madras High Court.

Read the resolutions below. 

Rajesh Bindal J.


Vineet Kothari J.


Ravi Ranjan J.