Collegium recommends transfer of H G Ramesh J. to MP HC, Rajiv Sharma J. to P&H HC

Meera Emmanuel November 2 2018

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the transfer of two judges - Justice Huluvadi G Ramesh and Justice Rajiv Sharma - to the High Courts of Madhya Pradesh and Punjab and Haryana respectively,

Justice HG Ramesh is presently the second senior-most judge at the Madras High Court. When asked for his opinion on the proposed transfer to Madhya Pradesh High Court, Justice Ramesh had requested that he either be retained in the Madras High Court, or that he be considered for appointment as a Chief Justice in any state, including Tamil Nadu.

However, the Collegium has declined to accede to either request. By a separate resolution, the Collegium has reiterated its recommendation for Justice Ramesh's transfer to the Madhya Pradesh High Court.

After his enrolment in 1981, Justice Ramesh practiced in the Karnataka High Court as well as District Courts in Mysore and Bangalore. He joined the Karnataka Judicial Service as a District Judge in 1993.  In 2003, he was appointed an additional judge of the Karnataka High Court. His appointment was made permanent in September 2004. In 2015, he was transferred to the Allahabad High Court. Thereafter, he was posted in the Madras High Court in April 2016. He has served as the Acting Chief Justice of the Madras High Court twice, the last such stint being between August 7 to August 11 this year, until the appointment of present Chief Justice, VK Tahilramani. 

Justice Rajiv Sharma, presently the Acting Chief Justice of the Uttarakhand High Court has been recommended for a transfer to the High Court of Punjab and Haryana.

The Collegium had initially recommended Justice Sharma's transfer to the Allahabad High Court, However, it reconsidered the same following a request made by Justice Sharma that he be transferred either to his parent High Court of Himachal Pradesh or the High Court of Punjab and Haryana.

Acceding to his request, the Collegium has recommended that Justice Sharma be transferred to the Punjab and Haryana High Court.

Justice Sharma enrolled as an advocate in 1982. His areas of practice included Constitutional law, administrative law, and environmental law  He was designated a senior advocate in 2002. He was appointed an additional judge of the Himachal Pradesh High Court in 2007, and confirmed as permanent Judge in 2013. In 2016, he was transferred to the Uttarakhand High Court. Last August, he was appointed as the Acting Chief Justice of the Court.  

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