Collegium recommends transfer of Justice Amit Rawal from Punjab & Haryana HC to Kerala HC [Read Resolution]

Meera Emmanuel September 4 2019
Justice Amit Rawal

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the transfer of Justice Amit Rawal from the Punjab and Haryana High Court to the Kerala High Court.

To this end, a Collegium resolution passed on August 28 states,

"The Collegium resolves to recommend that Mr. Justice Amit Rawal, Judge, Punjab & Haryana High Court, be transferred, in the interest of better administration of justice, to Kerala High Court."

Whereas Justice Rawal had made a request to reconsider the transfer, the Collegium declined to accede to the request. As stated in another resolution passed yesterday,

"The Collegium has carefully gone through the aforesaid representation [for reconsideration] and taken into consideration all relevant factors. On reconsideration, the Collegium is of the considered view that it is not possible to accede to his request. The Collegium, accordingly, reiterates its recommendation dated 28th August, 2019 for transfer of Mr. Justice Amit Rawal to Kerala High Court."

Born in 1963, Justice Rawal went on to obtain his law degree from from the Panjab university in 1986. He enrolled as a member of the Punjab and Haryana Bar Council. During his years of legal practice, Justice Rawal dealt with matters concerning civil, property, and criminal matters. He was designated a Senior Advocate in May 2012. Prior to becoming a judge, he also briefly served as an Additional Advocate General. In September 2014, he was appointed a judge of the Punjab and Haryana High Court. 

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