Collegium recommends three lawyers, two judicial officers for appointment to Kerala High Court

Murali Krishnan October 11 2018
Kerala high court

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended the names of three advocates and two judicial officers for appointment as judges of Kerala High court.

The three lawyers are

VG Arun

N Nagaresh

PV Kunhikrishnan

The two judicial officers are:

TV Anilkumar

N Anilkumar

The Kerala High Court Collegium had, on March 7, recommended the names of seven lawyers for appointment as judges. The Supreme Court Collegium after considering the material on record and interacting with the seven candidates decided that the proposal for appointment of S Ramesh, Viju Abraham, and George Varghese should be deferred.

Further, the proposal with regard to advocate P Gopal was turned down on the ground that his average net professional annual income for the preceding five years is less than the prescribed income limit applicable in case of Bar members.

The Court, therefore, cleared the names of remaining three - VG Arun, N Nagaresh and PV Kunhikrishnan.

As regards judicial officers, the High Court Collegium had recommended two names both of which were cleared by the Supreme Court Collegium.

Read the resolutions below.

Collegium Resolution 1 Kerala HC


Collegium resolution 2 kerala hc



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