Collegium recommends Judicial Officer Bibhu P Routray and Advocate Sanjeeb K Panigrahi as Judges of Orissa HC

Aditi Singh October 4 2019

The Supreme Court Collegium has resolved to recommend the appointment of Bibhu Prasad Routray, Judicial Officer as a Judge of the Orissa High Court.

The Collegium has also recommended the elevation of Advocate Sanjeeb Kumar Panigrahi as a Judge of the Orissa High Court.

Resolutions to this effect were passed by the Supreme Court Collegium on October 3 on the basis of recommendation made by the Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court on May 7, 2019.

The Resolutions state that the merit and suitability of the above-named recommendees were ascertained after carefully scrutinizing the material placed on record which included the observations made by the Department of Justice, complaints received against the above-named recommendees and the Collegium's interaction with the recommendees.

At the same time, the Collegium has remitted nine proposals to the Orissa High Court, which included the names of three judicial officers and six advocates.

These judicial officers whose names have been remitted are:

  1. Satya Narayan Mishra
  2. Gautam Sharma
  3. Biranchi Narayan Mohanty

The advocates whose names have been remitted are:

  1. Gautam Mukherji
  2. Samir Kumar Mishra
  3. Prasanna Kumar Parhi
  4. Prafulla Kumar Rath
  5. Durga Prasad Nanda
  6. Pravat Kumar Muduli,

Meanwhile, consideration of the proposal for the elevation of Advocate Savitri Ratho has been deferred for now.

Read the Resolutions:

3. 2019-October 03- Orissa- 8 Advocates

4. 2019-October 03- Orissa- 4 JO