Collegium recommends transfer of Justice PK Jaiswal from MP HC to Allahabad HC [Read Resolution]

Meera Emmanuel January 17 2019

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended that Madhya Pradesh High Court judge, Justice PK Jaiswal, be transferred to the Allahabad High Court.

A resolution to this effect was initially passed on January 10 this year. This resolution was, however, not published on the Supreme Court website as part of the resolutions published on January 10. The judge had thereafter requested the Collegium to consider transferring him to the High Courts of Delhi, Rajasthan or Madras.

Another resolution passed on January 15, however, intimates that the Collegium did not find merit in this request. Therefore, it has recommended that Justice Jaiswal be transferred to the Allahabad High Court, as originally resolved, in the better administration of justice.

The resolution states,

"The Collegium while examining the request of Mr. Justice P.K. Jaiswal, has factored in all relevant aspects including his response. The Collegium does not find any merit in his representation and is, therefore, of the opinion that the request made by Mr. Justice P.K. Jaiswal, cannot be acceded to. 

The Collegium accordingly resolves to reiterate its recommendation dated 10th January, 2019 for his transfer, in interest of better administration of justice, to the Allahabad High Court."

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Collegium Resolutions-Justice PK Jaiswal - All HC transfer