Collegium recommends that three Additional Judges of Allahabad HC be made permanent [Read Resolutions]

Meera Emmanuel September 6 2019

The Supreme Court Collegium has recommended that three additional judges of the Allahabad High Court be made permanent judges of the High Court.

As per two resolutions passed yesterday, the Collegium has recommended that Justices Irshad Ali, Neeraj Tiwari and Virendra Kumar-II be made permanent judges.

The High Court Collegium had proposed that Justices Irshad Ali and Neeraj Tiwari be made permanent judges in February this year. As for Justice Virendra Kumar-II, the High Court had recommended that he be made a permanent judge in April this year.

However, the Supreme Court Collegium had deferred taking a call on these proposals in a resolution passed on July 30. Earlier this week, the Central Government cleared the appointment of 16 other additional judges as permanent judges of the High Court, pursuant to this July 30 resolution. As regards Justices Ali, Tiwari and Kumar, the Supreme Court Collegium had sought additional information from the Allahabad High Court Chief Justice at the time.

Having considered the same and based on an overall assessment of the material on record and other relevant factors, the Collegium has now endorsed making the three judges permanent judges of the Allahabad High Court. Yesterday's resolutions also intimate that the Collegium found no substance in certain complaints made against these judges.

Further, the Collegium has also batted for extending the term of an additional judge, Justice Rahul Chaturvedi for a period of six months.

Justices Irshad Ali, Neeraj Tiwari, and Rahul Chaturvedi were appointed judges of the High Court of Allahabad in September 2017. Justice Virendra Kumar-II was appointed an additional judge in 2016. In 2018, his name was considered for being made a permanent judge. However, at the time, the Supreme Court Collegium deferred the proposal while observing that his work needs to be observed for some more timeConsequently, his term was extended by another year, which was due to end in November this year.

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