CLAT 2019: Gender Ratios, Rank Cut-offs and more

Aditya AK June 25 2019
CLAT 2019

This year's edition of the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT 2019) was carried out largely smoothly compared to previous years' exams.

The results of CLAT 2019 were announced on June 14, and the first provisional allotment list was published shortly thereafter.

So what are the tentative gender ratios at each of the 21 CLAT National Law Universities? What are rank-cut offs for each NLU? And what are the preference trends?

This article provides a closer perspective. Bear in mind, the figures and the preferences will change as the CLAT 2019 admission process goes on.

Gender Ratios

A total of 2,391 candidates who wrote CLAT 2019 have been allotted seats in the first provisional allotment list. Out of these, 1333 are male and1058 are female candidates. In other words, 55.75% of the candidates allotted seats in the first list are male.

In a break from recent trends, the boys seem to have fared better than the girls. Including topper Saumya Singh, 9 of the top ten ranks have been secured by boys. As per the first allotment list, boys have also secured the highest rank in 12 of the 21 CLAT NLUs.

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The gender ratio at most NLUs seem to be heavily skewed in favour of boys. Some NLUs like HNLU, NUALS, and NLUJA have a decent ratio, while in some others like DSNLU, TNNLS, and the fledgling DNLU Jabalpur, more girls than boys feature in the first allotment list.

Of course, the gender ratio at each NLU will undergo changes as the second and third allotment lists come out.

NLU No. of boys No. of girls Gender of highest rank
NLSIU 50 25 Male
NALSAR 65 43 Male
NLIU 56 46 Male
WBNUJS 67 36 Female
NLUJ 60 44 Male
HNLU 86 74 Male
GNLU 88 68 Female
RMLNLU 85 75 Male
RGNUL 107 68 Male
CNLU 77 43 Male
NUALS 33 27 Female
NLUO 88 71 Female
NUSRL 69 51 Male
NLUJAA 31 26 Female
DSNLU 47 61 Female
TNNLS 46 68 Female
MNLU Mumbai 59 41 Male
MNLU Nagpur 64 46 Male
MNLU Aurangabad 31 29 Female
HPNLU 69 51 Male
DNLU 55 65 Female
TOTAL 1,333 1,058 2,391

Rank Cut-offs

The following table reveals the highest and lowest General Category and Reserved Category rank for each NLU as per the first allotment list:

NLU Highest Rank (General) Lowest Rank (General) Highest Rank (Reserved) Lowest Rank (Reserved)
NLSIU 1 54 69 2,773
NALSAR 50 120 144 9,059
NLIU 148 380 385 19,817
WBNUJS 82 203 274 16,816
NLUJ 76 294 2,268 6,849
HNLU 329 549 613 40,536
GNLU 124 417 475 14,307
RMLNLU 342 617 636 24,763
RGNUL 442 805 871 18,520
CNLU 623 949 1,174 22,294
NUALS 474 880 895 32,014
NLUO 465 879 6,276 23,920
NUSRL 688 966 970 55,666
NLUJAA 968 1104 1,410 41,841
DSNLU 830 1080 1,152 33,221
TNNLS 436 1186 1,242 50,604
MNLU Mumbai 338 463 547 46,734
MNLU Nagpur 589 1073 7,725 55,342
MNLU Aurangabad 710 1167 1,202 56,092
HPNLU 622 1225 1,311 28,801
DNLU 577 1364 1,489 30,583

Preference Trends

It comes as no surprise that the two most preferred NLUs are NLSIU Bangalore and NALSAR Hyderabad, with very few students opting for colleges ahead of these.

NUJS Kolkata seems to be the next most preferred destination, ahead of NLU Jodhpur and NLIU Bhopal. After these, many students preferred GNLU Gandhinagar.

A few candidates have preferred MNLU Mumbai over the more established HNLU Raipur, a trend that has been seen over the past couple of years. It goes to show just how big a factor location is while choosing an NLU.

RMLNLU Lucknow figures next on the general preference list, followed by NLU Odisha, which has been gaining ground as a preferred destination over the past couple of years. Many students appear to have picked NLUO over RGNUL Patiala and NUALS Kochi. CNLU Patna follows these NLUs.

A number of students just short of the 1000th rank (in the general category) have opted for NUSRL Ranchi. MNLU Nagpur follows suit, ahead of DSNLU Visakhapatnam.

NLUJA Assam has been picked next, over the likes of TNNLS Trichy, and HPNLU Shimla.

DNLU Jabalpur, which will have its first academic year in 2019-20, seems to have been picked over MNLU Aurangabad, which has just 19 seats for the all-India general category.


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