Centre notifies transfers of Justice MV Muralidaran, Justice MN Bhandari

Aditya AK March 5 2019
Justice S Venkatanarayana Bhatti

The Central government has notified the transfers of Justice MV Muralidaran from the Madras High Court to the Manipur High Court and Justice MN Bhandari from the Rajasthan High Court to the Allahabad High Court.

The transfers of both judges will come into effect from March 19.

The Collegium had first recommended Justice Muralidaran's transfer to the Manipur High Court,  on January 15 this year. However, upon being prompted to send a response in this regard, Justice Muralidaran had requested that he be retained in the Madras High Court. Alternatively, he had requested for a transfer to the High Courts of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, or Orissa.

After considering Justice Muralidaran’s representation and the reasons stated by him for preferring not to go to  the Manipur High Court, the Collegium decided to reiterate its recommendation.

Similarly, Justice Bhandari had requested the Collegium to reconsider its recommendation to transfer him to the Allahabad High Court. Bhandari J had sent two representations requesting that the proposal for his transfer be deferred.

On consideration of the representations as well as the relevant factors, the Collegium had decided to reiterate its recommendation to transfer him to the Allahabad High Court.

Read the notifications:


Transfer order of Justice M V Muralidaran


Transfer order of Justice M N Bhandari