Early last year, students from the Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) started the Legal Entrepreneurship Cell (LEC), an initiative aimed at providing business advisory to early stage ventures, and pro bono advisory to Tibetan refugees, amongst other things. In this interview, Bar & Bench’s Shreya V chats with Harsh Loonker, a final year law student, to discuss the workings of the LEC. Shreya V: Tell us about this society? Harsh Loonker:  The LEC is a pro bono initiative, aimed at providing holistic legal research solutions to early stage ventures, NGOs and individuals who typically cannot afford to hire legal services. The […]

In part II, Dr. Armin Rosencranz talks about the Bhopal Gas tragedy, the Supreme Court’s role in protecting the environment, the National Green Tribunal, and more. Anuj Agrawal: Your Indian connection goes back several decades. Dr. Armin Rosencranz: I first visited India in 1975. I got a Fulbright in 1983 for India. By that time, I had already started publishing on environmental law. In 1975, I wrote something on the future of environmental defence. I thought that this was an area that I was developing an expertise in. And then this guy from Cochin University, the head of the law […]

Dr. Armin Rosencranz is currently a Professor of Public Law and Policy at Jindal Global Law School, Sonepat. A lawyer, political scientist and environmental law expert, Dr. Rosencranz has written extensively about environmental issues in India. In this first of this two-part interview with Anuj Agrawal, Dr. Rosencranz talks about his Stanford days, student politics and protests, the costs of legal education and more. Anuj Agrawal: In the 1960’s you chose to stand for elections to the Associated Students of Stanford University. Dr. Armin Rosencranz: I didn’t. I was a teaching assistant and one of the students in my class […]

Emeritus Professor at the Law Faculty in Bond University, Professor Mary Hiscock has written extensively on international trade law, as well as the “internationalisation” of legal education. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Anuj Agrawal, Prof. Hiscock talks about the importance of a law degree, why her students nicknamed her “Bloody Mary”, and much more. Anuj Agrawal: You have written extensively on the “internationalisation” of legal education. Professor Mary Hiscock: My own personal view is that, to some extent, internationalisation has always been a part of university education. I can remember my first days as a student in Melbourne Law School in […]

Dr. Purvi Pokhariyal is the Director of the Institute of Law at NIRMA University (ILNU), Ahmedabad. In 2014, we had interviewed her on the state of affairs at the institute. Two years later, Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK catches with the Director to find out the changes at ILNU, and a lot more. Aditya AK: What changes has ILNU undergone in the past few years? Dr. Purvi Pokhariyal: The major change is with regard to our curriculum. We have tried to incorporate many elective courses, and we are marching towards the choice-based credit system. We have around 73 elective courses from […]

Three law students from India recently made the cut for this year’s Rhodes Scholarships. Gauri Pillai from NUJS, Kolkata, Vanshaj Jain from NLSIU Bangalore and Mary Kavita Dominic from NUALS, Kochi will fly the Indian flag at Oxford University come next year. We interviewed two of these Rhodes scholars – Vanshaj Jain and Mary Kavita – and asked them about the selection process, the role their respective law schools played, and their future plans. Aditya AK: What inspired you to apply? Vanshaj Jain: I don’t think I ever actually felt I had a chance until they announced my name, you […]

It has been a little over three years since Dr. Poonam Saxena took over as Vice-Chancellor of National Law University, Jodhpur. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, she discusses why she thinks the NLU experiment has worked, the autonomy of NLUs, and much more. Aditya AK: Could you take us through your academic career? Dr. Poonam Saxena: I completed LL.B. from Campus Law Centre in 1979, LL.M. from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi in 1981, my PhD Fellowship in the following year, and was selected as an Assistant Professor in July 1982 at Campus Law Centre. I taught at the […]

How diverse is the student population at India’s premier legal education institution? Four students of National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore recently came up with an exhaustive study on student demographics, accessibility and inclusivity at the university to answer this very question. Titled The Elusive Island of Excellence, the study was compiled after profiling the regional, social, economic backgrounds of 397 undergraduate students of NLSIU. The study also looks into how these factors affect the performance of students over a period of five years. And the study throws up some interesting figures. In this interview, Bar & Bench’s Aditya […]

This week, prospective law students from across the country got to know where they stand in this year’s Common Law Admission Test (CLAT). Viraj Ananth from Bangalore topped the exam on his first attempt, with a score of 174.5. It has come to light that many of the candidates, especially those who secured the top 10 ranks, cracked the exam on their second attempt. And their stories will serve as inspiration for those who have failed to make it to an NLU this year. Many of them were mentored by CLAT coaching expert Rajneesh Singh. We caught up with three […]

Varun Chauhan is a 2015 graduate of the Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar. At the recently held graduation ceremony, Chauhan was awarded six gold medals. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Shreya Vajpei, Chauhan talks about his journey as a law student, and what prompted him to pursue an MSc in Finance and Law from Oxford. Bar & Bench: Six gold medals. There must have been some proud moments during the convocation? Varun Chauhan: There definitely were many happy moments throughout the convocation. At the outset, it was really heartening to meet all my batch-mates, faculty, Director, administrative staff and junior friends. […]

Dr. Nicole Stremlau is Head of the Programme in Comparative Media Law and Policy and a Research Fellow in the Centre of Socio-Legal Studies and is responsible for organizing the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. In this interview, Bar & Bench’s Shreya Vajpei talks to her about the organisation process behind the moot, and the success of the Price Media Law Moot Court Competition. (Edited excerpts) Shreya Vajpei: The Price Media Moot has in just the last decade created a reputation for itself. How was your journey as the organiser for the Moot? Nicole Stremlau: I should start by saying […]

Prof Nigam Nuggehalli teaches at the School of Policy and Governance at Azim Premji University, Bangalore. After teaching in a number of universities, both in India and abroad, the former tax lawyer will now be a faculty for APU’s soon to be launched LLM course in Law & Development. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, Nuggehalli talks legal degrees in India, continuing legal education and more. Aditya AK: What brought you to Azim Premji University? Prof Nigam Nuggehalli: I think a bunch of us have come here for the same reason. We felt that we were at a […]

Prof Sukh Pal Singh is the Vice-Chancellor of Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU), Raipur. A seasoned academician, Prof Singh was previously at Banaras Hindu University before moving to Raipur. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, he talks about how students of traditional law colleges compare with those from NLUs, the challenges faced by a VC of an NLU, what it takes to set a controversy-free CLAT paper, and much more. Aditya AK: How would you compare traditional law colleges with NLUs? Dr. Sukh Pal Singh: In national law universities, we emphasise more on higher things like case […]

WHIP (Whistle for Public Interest), an organization run by law students, has taken on the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). Once again. This time around, the students have filed a contempt petition against the education authority in the Supreme Court of India. The matter relates to the exorbitant RTI fees levied by CBSE on students seeking access to answer sheets, a fact that was found when one of the members of WHIP filed an RTI seeking information on the procedure by which the CBSE issued evaluated answer sheets to candidates. In its reply to this RTI, the Board attached a […]

Ishita Sharma is a third-year student at the Damodaram Sanjivayya National Law University, Visakhapatnam. She is also the co-author of Ultimate Success Guide to the CLAT & LL.B. Entrance Examination, along with NUJS student Mohit Diwakar and law entrance coach, Shyam Saraf. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Shreya Vajpei, she talks about her online coaching centre, coaching for CLAT, and which are the best law schools in the country. Shreya Vajpei: What was the inspiration behind the website CLAT tutorial? Ishita Sharma: I started CLAT tutorial in my first year of law since there was a monetary crunch that I needed to […]

Lieneke Louman is currently the Project and Research Officer at the Grotius Centre, and is responsible for organizing the ICC Moot Court Competition, the Jessup Qualifying Rounds, conferences and seminars, and other events. In this interview, Bar & Bench’s Shreya Vajpei talks to her about the organisation process behind the moot, and the success of the ICC Moot Court Competition. Shreya Vajpei: The ICC Moot has established itself quite quickly over the last ten years. How was your journey as the organiser for the Moot? Lieneke Louman: I’ve been there since there were about sixty participants and now we have over 400 […]

Dr. Jyoti Mozika is an Associate Professor at the Department of Law, North-Eastern Hill University (NEHU). In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, the former head of the Department of Law at NEHU, offers a perspective into the workings of a law department at a traditional university. Aditya AK: What are the differences in the instruction at traditional law schools and National Law Universities? Dr. Jyoti Mozika: The main difference is in the method of teaching. From my experience with students who have studied in national law universities, I would say that the teachers there, do not concentrate […]

Nihad Basheer, a law graduate from GLC Ernakulam, is currently pursuing a degree in Physical Education. As part of the ‘IDIA on Wheels’ Project, he is currently undertaking a cycling trip across India in a bid to raise awareness about IDIA’s work in enabling access to legal education. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, he talks about the reasons behind making this journey, his experiences so far, and more. Aditya AK: What inspired you to take up this cause? Nihad Basheer: As of now, I can think of three things that inspired me to take up this cause. The first being, it […]

In August this year, NLIU student Avani Mishra secured the All India Rank 1 in the Company Secretary Examination, becoming the youngest Company Secretary in the country. In this interview with Shreya Vajpei, Avani (19) talks about the preparation process while juggling law school, walking the ramp, and more. Shreya Vajpei: What motivated you to pursue CS? Avani Mishra: When I was in 12th standard I was completely indecisive about what I wanted to do. My elder brother is doing CA and CS, and was pursuing B.Com back then. He was the one who initiated the idea. My mother is also a professor of commerce. My father is […]

Last month, V Arun Roy was appointed Registrar and Vice-Chancellor-in charge of Tamil Nadu National Law School (TNNLS), Tiruchirappalli. The IAS officer is the first NLSIU graduate to be Vice-Chancellor of an NLU, and at 36 years, is also the youngest to hold the post. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, Roy talks about performing damage control at the fledgling National Law University, how knowledge of law helped during his career as a civil servant and more. Aditya AK: What prompted you to take up the civil services as opposed to a conventional legal career? Arun Roy: […]

As reported earlier this month, a number of law graduates have successfully cleared the UPSC Civil Services Examination this year. Like we did the last year around, Bar & Bench interviewed some of these candidates and this is what they had to say. Abdaal M Akhtar (NALSAR University, Rank 35) Bar & Bench: How did you go about preparing for the exam? Abdaal M Akhtar: I was fairly comfortable with a large part of the General Studies syllabus as I have a deep interest in History and Geography. NCERT books are the best that one can do here. The key to acing the Polity […]

Tanja Sheikhi, the Vice President for Moot Court Competitions at European Law Student’s Association (ELSA) is the main coordinator for the ELSA WTO Moot Court Competition. In this e-mail interview, Shreya Vajpei talks to her about the process of organising the moot, the importance of student-run organisations and her journey at ELSA. (Excerpts below) Shreya Vajpei: What is the structure of the organizing committee for ELSA WTO Moot Court Competition? What is each member’s responsibility and how are they inducted? Tanja Sheikhi: The ELSA Moot Court Competition on WTO Law (EMC2) is organized by ELSA International, in close co-operation with the […]

“The Scholars” focuses on law graduates and their experiences of higher studies in law. This time around  Ridhi Kabra, a graduate of NALSAR, Hyderabad and Cambridge University speaks to Bar & Bench about the Tapp Scholarship, the state of legal education in India and abroad, and more. Bar & Bench: How were your law school days at NALSAR? Ridhi Kabra: I was lucky to be part of an exceptionally talented and astoundingly smart batch, the “1st CLAT” batch, as we were called. Everybody has a defining moment during their course of study, and for me it was the whole process of preparing for […]

Last year, the National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam was in the news for all the wrong reasons. With no Vice-Chancellor, permanent faculty or basic amenities to speak of, the students of the university went on a hunger strike to protest against the shambolic state of affairs. Amidst the chaos, the university appointed Prof Vijender Kumar as its new Vice-Chancellor in October. The former NALSAR Registrar has since introduced a number of initiatives to address the difficulties faced by the students. Eight months on, things seem to be looking up for the university. Bar & Bench spoke to Prof […]

You are a fourth-year law student. The worst is over and the degree is pretty much in the bag. You find yourself in an unprecedented situation where you have too much free time. What do you do? Diligently build CV and work towards the dream job/Ivy League university Travel, contemplate life, find yourself, and/or become a hippie Partake in “extra-curricular” activities and curse the day you joined this godforsaken place Become an entrepreneur At a time when startups are mushrooming from every nook and cranny, two law students from National Law University, Delhi are riding the wave with their venture, Kitnatax.com. […]

Dr. Sapna S is Principal and Associate Professor at the Bangalore Institute of Legal Studies (BILS). In this interview with Bar & Bench, she talks about coping with the non-NLU tag, the challenges of being a law teacher today, and more. Bar & Bench: What drew you to law? Dr. Sapna S: I come from a family of advocates. My father has been a tax law consultant and a company law expert for 45 years, and he’s also a designated Senior Counsel. He was a role model to me since my school days, and ever since then, I knew that […]

Arindam Bhattacharjee recently became the first IDIA scholar to be placed at a law firm during campus recruitments. The fourth year NLIU Bhopal student accepted an offer from Khaitan & Co after getting three other offers on day zero. In this interview with Bar & Bench, Arindam talks about his journey through law school and the difficulties her overcame to become a success story. Bar & Bench: Take us through your journey to NLIU Bhopal. Arindam Bhattacharjee: I belong to Berhampore, a town in Murshidabad district in West Bengal. My father is an ex-public prosecutor there. I had no idea about […]

Dr. Rose Varghese was selected for the post of Vice-Chancellor at National University of Advanced Legal Studies (NUALS) in October last year. A veteran academician, Dr. Varghese has been a teacher of Criminal Law at NLSIU Bangalore and Jamia Milia Islamia, where she was Dean of the Faculty of Law. In this interview with Bar & Bench, she talks about balancing academic and administrative duties, reforms in criminal law, the need for clinical studies in law school curriculum and more. Bar& Bench: Why did you choose to do law? Dr. Rose Varghese: Since childhood, I have had an interest in […]

Dr. BC Nirmal is the Vice-Chancellor of National University of Study and Research In Law, Ranchi. In this interview with Bar & Bench, he talks about the changing role of a teacher in today’s legal education system, the difference between the students of NLUs and those of traditional univerisities and the state of affairs at NUSRL. Bar & Bench: You’ve been teaching for more than 35 years now. Tell us about your academic career. Dr. B C Nirmal: I completed my LL.M. in 1974 and got a teaching job in a degree college. From there, I came to Banaras University as […]

Dr. Gurdip Singh is the current Vice Chancellor at the Ram Manohar Lohia National Law University in Lucknow. In this interview, the former Dean of Faculty of Law at Delhi University, talks about his decision to head to Lucknow, the challenges of academia and the common law admission test that RMLNLU will be conducting next year. Bar & Bench: What brought you to RMLNLU? Dr. Gurdip Singh: Firstly, I wanted to do something for the cause of legal education. I wanted the institution that I head to be par excellence in imparting legal education and in legal research. A national […]