The Telangana government appointed BS Prasad Advocate General on Friday. In a brief conversation, he told Bar & Bench a little bit about himself, his views on the profession, and offered some advice to young lawyers. Education and early career Banda Sivananda Prasad joined the Bar in the year 1987, after obtaining his law degree from the Nanded Law College, which is affiliated to Aurangabad’s Marathwada University. He also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics, Political Science, and Public Administration, for which he studied at Hyderabad’s Nizam College. He hails from the town of Warangal. He started his career as a junior lawyer working […]

Muzaffar Hussain Baig is a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha and a part of the top brass of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Kashmir that was recently in the news. He has served as Advocate General, Law Minister and Deputy Chief Minister for the state of Jammu & Kashmir. In the first of this two-part interview, we take a look at Muzaffar Hussain Baig the lawyer, as he takes us through his early days, his career as a lawyer, and more. There are many things that set Muzaffar Hussain Baig apart from your average lawyer-politician. For one, […]

Anupam Gupta practises as a Senior Advocate at the High Court of Punjab & Haryana. In this interview with Bar & Bench, he offers his take on the perceived crisis of the Indian Judiciary, touching upon Executive interference with the Judiciary, the Judges Press Conference, the role of the Chief Justice of India as master of roster, and more. Judiciary in Crisis The crisis which has gripped the Supreme Court since about a year and a half is nothing less than a tragedy, for the simple reason that it is not an ordinary court. This is the world’s most powerful […]

In the second and final part of our interview with Justice Abhay Thipsay, we sought his views on an overburdened judiciary, pendency, how the Sohrabuddin encounter case has been handled, and more. What in your opinion are some of the most misused provisions of law in this country? Laws like the Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA), Prevention Of Terrorism Act (POTA), and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA) are draconian laws and the provisions therein are misused. I have expressed this view at several fora. I have serious doubts whether such dangerous provisions, which can be harmful and which […]

Justice Abhay Thipsay, who retired as a judge of the Allahabad High Court in 2017, recently joined the Congress Party, stating that he needed a platform from which to address certain goings-on in the country that concerned him. Bar & Bench spoke to him to find out what motivated him to take the step, how the legal fraternity reacted to the news, what we can expect from his new avatar, and a whole lot more. The majesty of the judiciary has taken a hit in the recent past, and public criticism of our courts and their judgments are on the […]

For those who watch Telugu news, Raghunandan Rao needs no introduction. The swashbuckling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spokesperson, well known for his measured and reasoned arguments, is a sought after guest and usually takes part in at least one morning debate and one evening debate a day. The man who once secured bail for his present political rival Asaduddin Owaisi when everyone else failed, spoke to Bar & Bench about what drew him to the legal profession, why land records in the state of Telangana are in shambles, his foray into politics, and much more. Give us an insight into the early […]

Designated by the Delhi High Court as a Senior Advocate, Atul Nanda is currently serving as the Advocate General for the state of Punjab. In this interview with Bar & Bench, Nanda talks about differences in the practices in Delhi and Punjab, steps that need to be taken to curb government litigation, the Navjot Singh Sidhu case, and more. How were the early days of practice? My father was a noted labour lawyer in Jalandhar, so it was only natural that I turned to the legal profession. Even before I formally received my law degree, as a student I would […]

Kalpana Kannabiran is a sociologist, author and lawyer. She has taught at the National Academy for Legal Studies and Research (NALSAR), and currently serves as Director of the Council for Social Development Hyderabad. In this interview with Bar & Bench, she speaks fearlessly on issues ranging from the death of Judge Loya, to the Supreme Court’s recent judgments on Section 498-A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and the SC/ST Prevention of Atrocities Act. Several laws have been enacted to protect the rights of women, children and weaker sections of society in this country. Why does their implementation fall short? […]

Arun Shourie is a man who has donned many hats. He has worked as an economist with the World Bank, the editor of the Indian Express, the Cabinet Minister for Disinvestment in the Vajpayee Government, and has authored several books. His latest book, titled ‘Anita gets Bail – What are our courts doing? What should we do about them?’, was recently launched amidst great fanfare, with several members of the legal fraternity acknowledging its importance.   The book is written in the backdrop of a false case against Shourie’s wife Anita, who is ailing from Parkinson’s disease. The case was […]

“You will not be forgiven.” “Are you hand in glove with the Hurriyat?” These are just some of the comments Advocate Deepika Rajawat has received from members of the legal fraternity ever since she took up the Kathua rape and murder case earlier this year. Her colleagues have shunned her, branding her as an anti-nationalist. Others have even gone to the extent of issuing rape and death threats. “I am facing a social boycott…They have removed me from their groups as if I have committed an offence! According to them, the fact that they are standing for the rape accused […]

In the second part of the interview, Justice BA Khan takes us through his career as a high court judge, revealing how political influence plays a role in elevation and transfer of judges. He also speaks about the unique style of judging that led to his being christened ‘Badshah Khan’. Justice Khan’s initial inclination was towards politics, and law was nothing but a means to an end. “In those days, doing law was sort of a qualification for becoming a legislator in Kashmir. In that pursuit, I studied law.” As the Advocates Act was not in operation in Jammu & […]

It has been a difficult couple of months at the Supreme Court of India, with talk of dissension among judges, Executive interference, and even impeachment forming the backdrop. The legal fraternity, as well as the general public – no matter what views they subscribe to – cannot help but acknowledge an all too palpable sense of unease at the highest court in the country. To put things in perspective, and to gain a view from the inside, we spoke to someone who has been in thick of it for the better part of two decades. A former Chief Justice of […]

All those intent on becoming an Advocate on Record (AoR) at India’s Supreme Court have to go through a notoriously difficult process of evaluation. How difficult? Well, less than one in five who took the exam in 2017 cleared it. We spoke to Dhanajaya Mishra, Sumeer Sodhi and Neha Malik, who aced the 2017 AoR exam, and can now proudly file cases in their own name at the Supreme Court. We asked them what motivated them to take the exam, how they went about preparing for it, what one can do to have a reasonable chance of passing, and just […]

A Mumbai Bench of the NCLT has passed an ex-parte order restraining Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi and over 60 other related entities from disposing off their assets. This order has been passed while the Central Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement Directorate are investigating Rs. 11,400 crore PNB scam. The Company Petition has been filed by Union through the Ministry of Corporate Affairs under various sections of . . . Facebook Comment To read the entire article, get a premium account With a premium account you get: One year of unrestrcited access to previous interviews, columns and articles One year access to […]

Justice Deepak Maheshwari is a sitting judge of the Rajasthan High Court. After obtaining his LL.B. degree in 1978, Justice Maheshwari cleared the Rajasthan Judicial Services Exam on the first attempt, in 1980. He was promoted to Rajasthan Higher Judicial Service (RHJS) in 1999 and was later appointed District & Sessions Judge, Jaipur Metropolitan. He also worked as Principal Secretary for the Law & Legal Affairs Department of the state government. He was elevated as an additional judge of the High Court in April 2014. In this interview, Justice Maheshwari takes us through his career as a judge, and discusses various […]

An editor once said that you have arrived as a journalist when you get threatening calls giving you ultimatums to take down stories. The equivalent for a criminal law practitioner is perhaps when a prominent gangster puts out a hit on you. What is it about criminal law that makes it a less attractive area of practice? How do you convince a judge to acquit someone whom society has already declared guilty? Why is it that not a single judge has ever been impeached by Parliament? Who better to answer these questions and more than Majeed Memon? The 71-year-old Rajya Sabha Member […]

If you had to put your money on someone to represent you at a criminal trial, Senior Advocate Amit Desai would probably be your best bet. Just ask Bollywood actor Salman Khan, or the others in the film industry who have had brushes with the law. Having honed his skills with some of the legends of the Bombay Bar, Desai has established himself as one of the top criminal lawyers in the country, and somewhat of a celebrity himself. In this interview with Pallavi Saluja, Desai talks about his early years, his move towards criminal practice, the Bombay Criminal Bar, his […]

Back in 2002, a soft spoken Maldivian came to the National Law School of India University, Bangalore under a quota for students from member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC). His ambition was to become a judge in his home country. Ali Hussain did not make the cut on his return to Male, for reasons best known to his interviewers. He did, however, go on to become a Member of Parliament for the Opposition Jumhooree Party. Days after Supreme Court judges in the Maldives barricaded themselves in the premises of the Maldivian Supreme Court, and hours after […]

Bechu Kurian Thomas is one of the youngest Senior Advocates at the Kerala High Court. Having joined the Bar in 1992, Kurian’s father, former Supreme Court judge, Justice KT Thomas (then a Kerala High Court judge) advised him against practicing in the High Court since he was a sitting judge of the High Court. He, therefore, started his practice in lower courts in Kottayam before shifting base to Kerala High Court when his father was elevated to the Supreme Court.    In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Murali Krishnan, Kurian talks about his initial days at the Bar, his […]

In part 2, Shanti Bhushan talks about his stint as Law Minister of India, the state of the Indian judiciary and his political career. In the aftermath of the Emergency, a change in government took place, and Shanti Bhushan was made Law Minister for the Janata Party government. His foremost goal while serving the post was to ensure that the events of 1975 would never take place again in the country. This, he did by introducing the forty-fourth amendment to the Constitution. “The main reason why Emergency succeeded was that the Supreme Court took the absurd view that no habeas […]

The Campaign for Judicial Accountability and Reforms (CJAR) has called for an in-house inquiry procedure to be initiated against Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, given the serious allegations of misconduct that have been brewing, particularly following the manner in which the CJI-led Bench handled the medical college bribery cases late last year. A letter to this effect has been addressed to the five senior-most judges of the Supreme Court, barring CJI Misra – Justices Jasti Chelameswar, Ranjan Gogoi, Madan B Lokur, Kurian Joseph and AK Sikri.   Four primary charges against Justice Misra have been quoted as requiring immediate attention of […]

To have a conversation with Shanti Bhushan is to flip through the pages of history itself. To say that the nonagenarian has a formidable memory is an understatement; during our conversation, he suggests that I read his biography, but soon, I find that there is no need. One cannot help but marvel at his storytelling prowess, as he recounts events that took place decades ago like they happened yesterday. In the first of this two-part interview, the veteran lawyer talks about how he fell in love with the profession, the multiple times he was asked to join the Bench, the […]

Iddo Porat, an Associate Professor at Israel’s College of Law and Business, is an expert in comparative Constitutional law and Legal Theory. Among various publications to his credit, he has also written extensively on the role of proportionality and balancing tests in legal cultures. In 2013, he co-authored a book Proportionality and Constitutional Culture.  Recently, he visited Tamil Nadu National Law School, Trichy to teach a course on Comparative Human Rights Law. In this interview with 

Aditya Verma has been at the forefront of the legal battle to clean up the functioning of the Board Of Control Of Cricket in India (BCCI). What prompted him to challenge the mighty Board? How did he get the kind of legal representation he did? And is a foray into politics in the offing? He reveals all this and more in a candid interview with Bar & Bench. You have become a real thorn in the flesh of the BCCI. It was your petition that led to the formation of the Lodha Committee and the implementation of most of their […]

In Part II of our interview with Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves, he talks about human rights cases in the Supreme Court, his most memorable case, what keeps him going, and more. There are a number of draconian laws that exist on our statue books, including the AFSPA and CSPSA in Chhattisgarh. Do you see these being repealed in the future? The repeal of these laws is impossible, in fact, more laws like these will come in. And why more laws come in is because the Supreme Court made fatal mistakes in its judgment on AFSPA, which is the Naga People’s […]

Professor David Wilkins, Faculty Director of the Center on the Legal Profession (HLS CLP), has been teaching at Harvard Law School for over 30 years. His major interest throughout this time has been the transformation of the legal profession, first in the US, and then, all around the world. Most recently, Professor Wilkins and his team have been working on studying the development of legal profession following the liberalisation of various economies, and will be visiting India this month. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Varun Marwah, Professor Wilkins talks about how India’s legal profession, in its post-liberalisation development phase, […]

Senior Advocate Colin Gonsalves has been one of the staunchest crusader of human rights in the Supreme Court for a number of years. In recognition of his work in the field, Gonsalves, the founder of Human Rights Law Network (HRLN) was recently conferred the 2017 Right Livelihood award. In the first part of this interview, Gonsalves talks about his involvement in the labour movement, the efficacy of the PIL in safeguarding the rights of the downtrodden, labour laws in India, and more. What drew the civil engineer from IIT to do law? Well, it was the period of the mid-70s. […]

The controversy surrounding the death of judge BH Loya has been raging on social media the past week. The allegation that former Bombay High Court Chief Justice Mohit Shah offered bribe to judge Loya to decide Sohrabuddin encounter case in favour of BJP leader Amit Shah, has shaken the legal fraternity. Two years ago, Senior Advocate Dushyant Dave had written a letter to then Chief Justice of India, HL Dattu opposing Justice Mohit Shah’s elevation to the Supreme Court. Bar & Bench’s Murali Krishnan spoke to Dave about his views on the controversy, the recent episode relating to Medical college […]

In this candid interview, former Supreme Court judge and Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court Justice Venkate Gopala Gowda takes us through his career and discusses pressing issues pertaining to the legal profession. The first thing you notice about Justice Gopala Gowda is that he wears his heart on his sleeve. It is rather unusual for a judge – retired or otherwise – to express such strong opinions, and to be critical of the system he was once part of. But then again, he is not your run-of-the-mill judge. He has some misgivings about the media, and for good reason. […]

Rahul Bajaj is one of two Indians from the legal field who have been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship this time around. Along with Sameer Rashid Bhat, Rahul will attend the BCL programme at Oxford University next year. An Associate at Trilegal, Rahul graduated from Nagpur University earlier this year. An avid IP law buff, Rahul also used to write extensively for SpicyIP. In this interview with Bar & Bench, he talks about his journey thus far. You seemed to have bucked the trend of Rhodes Scholars being mostly from NLUs. I have been blind since birth, so back in […]