Bar Association of India, SILF call for Full Court Reference to Honour Prof (Dr) Madhava Menon

Bar & Bench May 8 2019
nr madhava menon

The Bar Association of India (BAI) and the Society of Indian Law Firms (SILF) have issued a statement requesting that the Chief Justice of India convene a Full Court reference to honour Professor (Dr) NR Madhava Menon, who passed away last night. 

Dubbed the Father of Modern Indian Legal Education, Dr Madhava Menon is credited for revolutionising the field of legal education by establishing National Law Schools including the National Law School of India University, Bangalore and by introducing the 5-year integrated LLB programme.

"One can say with daring certainty that no one can equal the contribution made by Professor Menon single handedly to promote legal education in India", notes the statement signed off by Dr Lalit Bhasin, who is currently the President of BAI as well as SILF.

The statement highlights,

"Professor Menon was a living legend during his lifetime and has now become a permanent shining and guiding star for all of us who are engaged in promoting and strengthening Indian Legal Education. He completed 60 years as a law teacher this year and was a motivating factor and moving spirit in setting up centres of excellence in the field of Legal Education including the iconic National Law School of India University, Bangalore."

It goes on to recall the close relationship shared by the BAI and SIL with Professor Menon. For his wide-ranging contributions and achievements, an appeal has been made on behalf of the BAI and SILF that a Full Court reference be held at the Supreme Court in his memory. The statement notes,

"It is important and appropriate for the Judiciary, the Legal Profession and Law Universities to pay homage to the memory of this great man. A fitting tribute was given to the contribution made by Professor Menon in the field of Legal Education when Fali Nariman, way back in 1996 observed that jurists like Professor Menon should be elevated directly to the Supreme Court of India.

I request on behalf of the Bar Association of India and Society of Indian Law Firms, the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India to have a full Court reference to recognize the unique, historic and invaluable contribution made by Professor (Dr.) N.R Madhava Menon in the field of Legal Education thereby ensuring excellent standards for the legal profession and the Judiciary and in respect of the administration of justice.

Read the statements issued by the BAI and SILF:

BAI-SILF - Dr Madhava Menon - Full Court Reference

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