16 Additional Judges of Allahabad High Court made permanent

Aditi Singh September 4 2019
allahabad high court, transfer

The Central Government has notified the appointment of sixteen additional judges of the Allahabad High Court as permanent judges.

As per a notification dated September 4, 2019, the following judges have been made permanent judges of the High Court:

  1. Justice Rajiv Joshi
  2. Justice Salil Kumar Rai
  3. Justice Jayant Banerji
  4. Justice Rajesh Singh Chauhan
  5. Justice Saral Srivastava
  6. Justice Jahangir Jamshed Munir
  7. Justice Rajiv Gupta
  8. Justice Siddharth
  9. Justice Ajit Kumar
  10. Justice Rajnish Kumar
  11. Justice Abdul Moin
  12. Justice Dinesh Kumar Singh
  13. Justice Rajeev Misra
  14. Justice Vivek Kumar Singh
  15. Justice Chandra Dhari Singh
  16. Justice Ajay Bhanot

The Supreme Court Collegium had recommended the appointment of these 16 additional judges as permanent judges of the High Court in July this year.

By the same resolution, the Collegium had also deferred the recommending of three other names proposed for appointment as permanent judges of the Allahabad High Court, i.e. those of Justices Rahul Chaturvedi, Irshad AliĀ andĀ Neeraj Tiwari.

Read the Notification:

Orders of appintment of 16 Additional to Permanent Judges in Allahabad High Court (04.09.2019)_2_watermark