TOI Reports Madras HC Judge faces ill-treatment from colleagues and lawyers accuses fellow judges of humiliating by pointing shoes at him CJI to look into the matter

A very strange case of ill-treatment, caste bias and harassment from fellow judges has come up in the judiciary. A sitting judge of the Madras High Court Justice C.S. Karnan (pictured) has made a repr


Digvijay Singh

November 4, 2011 - 6:49am

As a lawyer myself I take this profession to a very high esteem and would like to say to my fellow lawyers in madras high court in fact appeal to them that by doing such lowly acts they are shaming the very dignity of such a high profession. They should respect the profession and its officers and should explain to their small minds that our Indian constitution provides right to equality which is also a fundamental right and that too acting in such a lowly manner against a judge that too on cast basis lowers the dignity and the professional face of this coveted profession. I am surprised that these kind of acts are being backed by some other judges as been allegated by Justice Karnan. One should not be judged by his cast creed or religion but the right scale of judgement is his/her acts.And such an act by these fellow lawyers make me think that they are not fit for this profession and their actions are much lowly than what they think about the Sc thing. In this profession there should be no cast bias and these kind of lawyers should be booked for criminal contempt as they are mere goons and have a low soul.



November 3, 2011 - 8:03pm

Discrimination on caste basis is not a new thing. In free India scheduled caste people are still subject to slavery and 2nd class citizen. In every field SCs are discriminated. In judiciay first of all they are not elevated to the Bench. If some one is elevated then discrimination starts from distribution of work. Brother Judges never treats SC Judges equally. Judiciary is not independent. The manner in which the Judges are appointed, is totally wrong.

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