PIL filed for regulatory framework for cyber crimes Supreme Court issues notice

The Supreme Court has on Friday issued notice to the Central and Maharashtra governments in a public interest litigation (PIL) seeking framing of regulations and guidelines for effective investigation


yash pal

March 6, 2013 - 10:01am

It needs other aspect to do - disseminate or define various aspects of cyber crime e.g. hacking of a website, cyber stalking, financial crime (Fin-e-crime)using cyber space, though the funds embezzled after exchange of ATM card are not exactly cyber crime but the funds transfer to other accounts and thereafter withdrawal from them should be dealt with under a single law. Above all, a single command / grid to coordinate among different cyber crime cell particularly dealing with financial frauds through Internet Banking, Cards-debit or credit since their place is wide spread - victim, beneficiary, IP address, computer or ATM used. All these may belong to more than one state, as such, prompt action at various placed is difficult by one Investigating official. This command should simultaneously direct all concerned Cells to investigate people/machine under command area, first all the evidences from the victim's machine be collected e.g. malware, spyware or receipt responding a phishing mail be investigated by the IO, thereafter beneficiaries of such unauthorised funds transfer be interrogated by the cyber crime cell under who command area they reside to speedily collect the information / evidence.

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