Former RAW officer strips inside Delhi High Court

Delhi High Court

Nisha Priya Bhatia, a former Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) officer bared herself inside a courtroom in the Delhi High Court today morning.

Justice Ajit Bharihoke while ordering a mental health check-up said, “The behaviour of the petitioner i.e Nisha Priya Bhatia in baring herself in the open court is highly deplorable and it gives an impression that she is not mentally sound. It is not a case of solitary instance, but even in the post-lunch session she tried to indulge in the same act, which is not expected from a normal person”, reports the Deccan Herald.

Media reports that Nisha had been accused of being involved in a human trafficking case. In defence, Nisha claimed that charges made out against her were false and is a reaction to charges of sexual harassment she filed against her seniors in August of 2008.

History: Nisha once headed the training cell of the RAW. She had filed a petition against the lower court judges, alleging that they attempted to side Ashok Chaturvedi, her boss and former Secretary of RAW. Nisha accused Chaturvedi of sexual harassment, a charge denied by the latter.

Suicide-attempt outside PM’s Office: Nisha’s services at the RAW were terminated in August 2008, following a suicide-attempt by her, outside the Prime Minister's office. She claimed that she attempted suicide after her complaints of sexual harassment were not acted upon.

This could be an act of frustration in the name of justice. Reports suggest that the former RAW official ‘s case was constantly receiving adjournments which could have led her to take the desperate step of undressing before of a High Court judge.





January 21, 2011 - 1:03pm

Could you please correct the headline to make it grammatically correct?


Akhilesh srivastava

January 20, 2011 - 8:12pm




January 24, 2011 - 2:04pm

This lady is currently a student at Law Center II, Univ of Delhi. She has been prone to irrational outbursts there too.



January 25, 2011 - 11:26am

Obviously the inefficiencies and delay in the law have caused her current condition. I wish her all the best..

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