Congress to connect with lawyers

Speaking at the National Convention on 'Law, Justice and the Common Man’ on Saturday, Sonia Gandhi, President of the Congress Party kept the focus on justice for the ‘aam admi’ (comm


Advocate Vijay ...

April 4, 2010 - 8:29pm

Dear Sir, Everyone know that Lawyers have played an important role in freedom


Khagesh Gautam

March 30, 2010 - 1:08pm

This was to be expected. The participation of lawyers in political and economic issues has always been high. Nani Palkhiwala and Ram Jethmalani - two very different lawyers with different styles and different practice areas (Nani was a taxation and constitutional lawyer and Ram is a criminal defense lawyer) during the emergency times is notable. In the USA lawyers participate in politics all the time. There is however on thing that needs to be urgently taken note of - law officers appointed at High Court level viz the Advocate General and Addl. AGs and Asst. AGs are almost always political appointees. But heavy political involvement going up to pulling political strings to get DAs, PPs and ADAs and APPs to satisfy various political considerations by the people in power and powers that be, in conjunction with open bribing to secure such posts not only demoralizes very strongly the deserving and meritorious candidates - it creates a very big divide between the real problems on the ground as compared to the version that is presented to the higher ups. It also cuts away any dissenting voice as quite obviously everyone wants to please the higher ups. And it very strongly affects the quality of represenatation that the Government gets.

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