“Believe it or not, some constitutions are actually copyrighted” – Professor Tom Ginsburg of the Comparative Constitutions Project

Starting off as a database of different constitutions, the Constitute Project not only provides digital copies of one hundred and seventy-seven constitutions from across the world, but also allows readers to search and compare these documents with respect to a specific subject. The Constitute Project itself was developed by the Comparative Constitutions Project, led by Zachary Elkins from the University of Texas, Professor Tom Ginsburg from the University of Chicago, and James Melton from University College London. In this e-mail interview with Bar & Bench, Professor Ginsburg shares the origins of the project, the challenges in digitizing constitutions and the lessons learnt along the way.



October 3, 2013 - 7:20pm

What an amazing resource. Great project and thanks to barandbench for bringing this to us.

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