This year’s budget made a short yet significant reference to amendments that will be introduced in the Arbitration Act, 1996 to ‘streamline institutional arrangements for resolution of disputes in infrastructure related construction contracts, public-private partnerships and public utility contracts’. This, however, is not the first time that such reforms were suggested in the budget speech. Last year’s budget speech, also, proposed a ‘Public Contracts (Resolution of Disputes) Bill’ which, inter alia, made provisions for institution of separate tribunals for resolution of such disputes. Last year also witnessed, the constitution of India’s first institutional arbitration centre, the MCIA, and a 3-day […]

Darshan Kulkarni is part of the limited club of lawyers working on US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory and compliance. A member of the New Jersey and Pennsylvania State Bar Associations, Darshan Kulkarni has also worked as a pharmacist for more than a decade, and has even participated as a clinician in clinical trials. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Varun Marwah, among other things, Darshan Kulkarni speaks about the Indian legal landscape for pharmaceutical companies, investor confidence, and the limits of pharma regulation. Varun Marwah: Tell us more about your educational background. Darshan Kulkarni: We are at […]

Dispute financing (also known as third party funding, or litigation financing), an area of practice which is relatively unheard of in India is a multi-million dollar industry which is young, but growing by the day in countries such as USA, Australia and England. And Selvyn Seidel is one of the forerunners in this industry, being one the first few to have set up a company for dispute financing. Not just one, but two, first Burford Capital, and then Fulbrook Capital Management. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Varun Marwah, Selvyn discusses the intricacies and nuances associated with dispute financing, […]

Sarah Grimmer, a former senior counsel at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, was recently appointed as the Secretary General of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center. A graduate of the University of Wellington in New Zealand and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, Sarah Grimmer practiced Refugee Law before becoming a member of the international arbitration group at Shearman & Sterling LLP (Paris). She spent three years as deputy counsel at the ICC International Court of Arbitration (Paris), and has been with the Permanent Court of Arbitration for the last decade. In India to attend the NITI Aayog arbitration conference in […]

Stefan Schicker is a Partner at German law firm SKW Schwarz Rechtsanwalte. Specialising in the areas of Intellectual Property and Information Technology law, he spoke about his pet topic, the Darknet, at the ITechLaw Conference held in India earlier this year. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, Schicker discusses the legal issues surrounding the Darknet, data protection, and how disruptive technologies are likely to affect legal professionals. Aditya AK: Could you give us a little background about your career as a lawyer? Stefan Schicker: I got my first computer, a Commodore C64, in the mid of 80’s. I […]

The Global Initiative for Access to Justice recently released the Access to Justice Index 2016. The Index, which found mention at the World Economic Forum, was the brainchild of NLSIU graduate Basavanagouda Patil. The Index attempts to quantify the level of access to justice in the five BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), based on various parameters like Government, Judiciary, Legal Profession and Legal Education. Among other findings, India was ranked second after South Africa overall, and was ranked last under the Legal Profession head. Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK caught up with Basavanagouda and Chief Editior […]

Mishi Choudhary, is a technology lawyer, Legal Director of the Software Freedom Law Center, New York and the Executive Director of Software Freedom Law Center, India. One of Asia Society’s 21 young leaders of 2015, Mishi Choudhary spends her time between New York and India, representing some of the most significant free software developers in the world. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Varun Marwah, Mishi Choudhary talks about a wide range of topics covering, among other things, net neutrality, cyber security and online privacy. (Edited excerpts) Varun Marwah: As a lawyer, what does your work entail? Mishi Choudhary: I […]

The Supreme Court recently struck down the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) Telecom Consumers Protection (Ninth Amendment) Regulations, 2015, which prescribed penalties for call drops on telecom operators. The apex court brought up a number of issues, including the competence of TRAI to pass these Regulations, and the manifest arbitrariness of the amendment. It was also made clear that the regulator had failed to fulfill its mandate under the TRAI Act, which is to balance the interests of the consumers and the Telcos. Yesterday, Bar & Bench conducted a live Twitter Q&A with Rajeev Chandrasekhar, founder of BPL Mobile […]

Having set up a flourishing sports law practice in Bangalore, Nandan Kamath is an Indian Jerry Maguire of sorts. A graduate of the National Law School of India University, Kamath has a fairly illustrious academic track record. He did his B.CL from Oxford University after receiving a Rhodes scholarship. He then went on to pursue an LL.M. from Harvard University, before returning to set up the Law Offices of Nandan Kamath in 2006.  In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, Kamath talks about following his dream of being associated with sport, what it takes to be a successful […]

Taking into the consideration the urgent need to regulate the civil use of unmanned aircrafts (UAs), the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a set of draft guidelines for laying down rules governing the registration and usage of the UAs . In India, the existing aircraft rules do not account for unmanned vehicles, a void the DGCA hopes to fill up in the near future. Along with defining UA’s and UA Systems, the draft guidelines further: Classify the UAs into four categories depending on their weight and; Require a Unique Identification Number (UIN) for all UA operations in India. All civil […]