Dr. Purvi Pokhariyal is the Director of the Institute of Law at NIRMA University (ILNU), Ahmedabad. In 2014, we had interviewed her on the state of affairs at the institute. Two years later, Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK catches with the Director to find out the changes at ILNU, and a lot more. Aditya AK: What changes has ILNU undergone in the past few years? Dr. Purvi Pokhariyal: The major change is with regard to our curriculum. We have tried to incorporate many elective courses, and we are marching towards the choice-based credit system. We have around 73 elective courses from […]

Dispute financing (also known as third party funding, or litigation financing), an area of practice which is relatively unheard of in India is a multi-million dollar industry which is young, but growing by the day in countries such as USA, Australia and England. And Selvyn Seidel is one of the forerunners in this industry, being one the first few to have set up a company for dispute financing. Not just one, but two, first Burford Capital, and then Fulbrook Capital Management. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Varun Marwah, Selvyn discusses the intricacies and nuances associated with dispute financing, […]

Senior Advocate Kirti Uppal recently defeated long-time President Rajiv Khosla to become the new President of the Delhi High Court Bar Association. Emerging victorious by over 300 votes, Uppal has come a long way from being a first-generation lawyer to a senior advocate and now the DHCBA President. He spoke to Bar & Bench about the politics in the bar, his plans as the new president and his past experiences after a long stint of being associated with the Delhi High Court. Nalini Sharma: Why did you decide to run for the President? Kirti Uppal: I’ve been a part and parcel of the Bar Association for […]

Three law students from India recently made the cut for this year’s Rhodes Scholarships. Gauri Pillai from NUJS, Kolkata, Vanshaj Jain from NLSIU Bangalore and Mary Kavita Dominic from NUALS, Kochi will fly the Indian flag at Oxford University come next year. We interviewed two of these Rhodes scholars – Vanshaj and Mary – and asked them about the selection process, the role their respective law schools played, and their future plans. Aditya AK: What inspired you to apply? Vanshaj Jain: I don’t think I ever actually felt I had a chance until they announced my name, you don’t really […]

Shalin Mehta is a Senior Advocate at the Gujarat High Court. A graduate of Columbia Law School, Mehta happens to be one of the youngest ever lawyers to be designated a Senior. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, he talks about his experience working in the United States, what Indian lawyers can learn from those abroad, and more. Aditya AK: Why did you choose law as a career? Shalin Mehta: I have a long lineage in the profession. My grandfather was an acting Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court. Thereafter my father also entered the profession. He […]

This time around, Aney talks about Bar Associations and a lawyer’s role in society. (You can read Part III of the interview here) AA: After moving to Bombay, why didn’t you stand for Bar Association posts here? SA: I am too old. I am 67 years old. This is something that ought to be taken up by younger men. There is a time in our lives when we are productive, but as we age, this productivity goes down. It is like this somewhat off-colour joke about the old bull who is advising young bulls on how to go about their […]

Sarah Grimmer, a former senior counsel at the Permanent Court of Arbitration, was recently appointed as the Secretary General of the Hong Kong International Arbitration Center. A graduate of the University of Wellington in New Zealand and Cambridge University in the United Kingdom, Sarah practiced Refugee Law before becoming a member of the international arbitration group at Shearman & Sterling LLP (Paris). She spent three years as deputy counsel at the ICC International Court of Arbitration (Paris), and has been with the Permanent Court of Arbitration for the last decade. In India to attend the NITI Aayog arbitration conference in New […]

When the “Breakfast” series was first discussed with former Advocate General Shreehari Aney, there were three topics identified. The senior counsel’s thoughts on the first topic, women in the legal profession, has already been published (Part 1 and Part 2). This time around, Aney talks about Bar Associations and a lawyer’s role in society. Without further ado. Anuj Agrawal: Bar Associations are unlike Bar Councils in many ways. Shreehari Aney: A Bar Council is a creation of an Act, comparable to say, the Indian Medical Council or the Institution of Chartered Accountants, or any of these professional bodies which answer […]

Parama Ghosh is currently a Senior Associate at Kolkata-based law firm, AQUILAW. In February last year, she launched Parama, her very own brand of clothing and accessories. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, she talks about balancing both her interests, working for Kolkata’s top law firms and the decision to dedicate more time to her passion. Aditya AK: Why did you choose to do law? Parama Ghosh: Born to a family of four generations of lawyers, I joined the bandwagon. I remember when I had passed my Class XII board exams, I had voiced my desire to […]

Virendra Lodha is a Senior Advocate of the Rajasthan High Court at Jaipur. A junior of former Supreme Court judge Justice GS Singhvi, Lodha is a Senior Standing Counsel for a number of government departments. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, he talks about the co-relation between case pendency and judicial vacancies, seniors not paying juniors, and more. Aditya AK: Did having a family background in law make it easier? Virendra Lodha: Definitely, it made things easier, because I had quite a sound opening. Secondly, I had the goodwill of my jijaji, Justice GS Singhvi, who was […]