“I remember what a pleasant young man I was before I got into the legal profession”, reminisces Shreehari Aney, “and I know how sarcastic, bitter and pessimistic I have become.” It is difficult to figure out if this is another example of his self-deprecatory style. There is a smile on his face, but no mirth in his eyes. One of the youngest to be designated a senior advocate (he was barely forty-years old), Shreehari Aney began his legal career in Nagpur. After close to two decades at Nagpur, Aney moved to Bombay, becoming one of the most sought-after lawyers in […]

Rajiv Gupta, Partner at Latham & Watkins, was part of the team of lawyers advising India’s state-owned oil companies on the 29.9% acquisition in Roseneft’s Taas-Yuriakh oilfield in East Siberia. In this interview with Bar & Bench, Gupta shares his predictions on the India market, sponsored ADR programs and the liberalisation of the Indian legal market. Anuj Agrawal: In 2008, you wrote about the peculiarities of the Indian capital market, citing elaborate diligence procedures in the real estate sector. Do you think the problem of titles has decreased since then?  Rajiv Gupta: Real estate title continues to be an issue in India, exacerbated by the […]

A ramshackle building located on the outskirts of Bilaspur houses the office of Janhit, a “group legal aid” organisation. It is a wonder as to how it has braved sun and rain and managed to stay strong after all these years. In a similar vein, once you meet Sudha Bharadwaj, you find yourself asking what keeps her going after fighting the forces of injustice for the better part of 25 years, and having lost many battles along the way. Especially when you find out that she is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology at Kanpur. “My mother was very […]

This Thursday, Justices Pradeep Nandrajog and Mukta Gupta of the Delhi High Court will once again hear a petition concerning the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandak Committee (SGPC) and the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD). The hearing will commence five months after judgment was reserved by a bench of Chief Justice G Rohini and Jayant Nath J. But first some details. The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) was formed as a religious body of the Sikhs in 1920s, and is closely aligned with the Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandak Committee (SGPC). The SGPC was constituted way back in 1925 for the management and maintenance of the country’s gurudwaras. […]

In this edition of the AoR series, Bar & Bench speaks to to advocate on record Vipin Nair. A former Secretary of the Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association, Nair is a 1993 graduate of the Campus Law Centre in Delhi. In this interview with Smrithi Suresh, Nair talks about his early days, the institution that is the AoR system, and more. Bar & Bench: Tell us about your early days. Vipin Nair: I completed my legal studies from Campus Law Centre in 1993 after a degree in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce. We had some fantastic professors, like the inimitable Upendra Baxi, which made college […]

Law Secretary and Indian Legal Service veteran, PK Malhotra, has held a number of posts before being appointed Secretary to the legislative department in December 2012. Over a career spanning three decades, Malhotra has been chairman of Adjudicating Authority under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, Judicial Member of Income-tax Appellate Tribunal, and member, COFEPOSA Preventive Detention Advisory Committee. He was also a legal adviser to a number of ministries. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Pallavi Saluja, Malhotra talks about the Indian Legal services, reducing government litigation, the liberalization of the Indian legal market, and much more. Pallavi Saluja: When did you […]

Prof Nigam Nuggehalli teaches at the School of Policy and Governance at Azim Premji University, Bangalore. After teaching in a number of universities, both in India and abroad, the former tax lawyer will now be a faculty for APU’s soon to be launched LLM course in Law & Development. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, Nuggehalli talks legal degrees in India, continuing legal education and more. Aditya AK: What brought you to Azim Premji University? Prof Nigam Nuggehalli: I think a bunch of us have come here for the same reason. We felt that we were at a […]

He is a cheeky man, is Mihir Desai, never too far from making a joke here or an off the cuff remark there. And a remarkably relaxed one too, given the high-pressure matters that he frequently argues. In 1987, Colin Gonsalves, Gayatri Singh and Desai formed the Human Rights Law Network, in response to the need for a coherent approach towards human rights and the law. Over the years, HRLN has become one of the most prominent names in the field of rights lawyering, representing some of the most marginalised sections of our society. And although he is no longer […]

Prof Sukh Pal Singh is the Vice-Chancellor of Hidayatullah National Law University (HNLU), Raipur. A seasoned academician, Prof Singh was previously at Banaras Hindu University before moving to Raipur. In this interview with Bar & Bench’s Aditya AK, he talks about how students of traditional law colleges compare with those from NLUs, the challenges faced by a VC of an NLU, what it takes to set a controversy-free CLAT paper, and much more. Aditya AK: How would you compare traditional law colleges with NLUs? Dr. Sukh Pal Singh: In national law universities, we emphasise more on higher things like case […]

Last month, the Child Rights International Network released a report on child rights, more specifically, on children’s access to justice across the world. Titled Rights, Remedies and Representation, the report takes a detailed look at judicial systems across the world, and examines the rights granted (or often denied) to children. The report, in which India is ranked 43 in the world, also provides a comparative listing of countries ranked as per “how well” these countries “allow children access to justice”. In an e-mail interview with Bar & Bench’s Anuj Agrawal, CRIN’s Director, Veronica Yates, talks about the report, the recent amendment […]