It is admission season and law schools around the country have begun inviting applications for their respective entrance exams. While the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) may be the most obvious choice, potential candidates also generally apply for admission to other law schools, in order to avoid the risk of putting all of one’s eggs in a single basket. However, many a time, the cost of application fees can lead to a reduction of options. In 2015, we ran a piece in an attempt to gauge the average cost of a five-year legal education at a national law university. Back then, we […]

It is hard to deny the fact that it has been a turbulent 2016, and the same can be said of the world of law schools as well. Over the past twelve months, we have seen administrative malfunctions, misreportage, and the perfunctory student protest at some of the top law schools in the country. But as you will find in the rest of this article, it has not been all doom and gloom. Here, we look at twelve law school-related stories that garnered the most attention in 2016. 1. Being the Change We start on a positive note, with instances of […]

Armed with my faulty in-built GPS, I embark on the journey of finding the Institute of Law from amidst a multitude of monotonously grey buildings that make up Nirma University. A series of bad directions from students (I don’t think they can tell the difference either), and I find myself unwittingly taking a tour of the sprawling campus. A Dandi March and a half later, I have finally found my way, thanks to a helpful gardener who pointed me in the right direction. Lady Justitia welcomes me to the law school with open arms. I catch up with Dr. Purvi […]

Gaurav Bhawnani When I arrived in Kashmir, every person had a story about the last three months of conflict. Regardless of whom I spoke to, they had either been directly affected by the violence or knew someone who had. There is a general state of inevitability among the people, of helplessness. Human rights organizations, including bigger ones like the APDP that have received global attention, have largely suspended their work. The first external fact-finding mission only landed towards the end of my trip. I turned to the only group of people I expected would be working over-time to alleviate a […]

The National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam has seen its fair share of tumult over the past couple of years. The University’s students have, on more than one occasion, highlighted the administration’s failure to provide them with adequate facilities. This, despite the fact that the annual fees at the University is one of the highest among the CLAT law schools. Last week, Prof JS Patil, founding Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka State Law University (KSLU), took charge as the new Vice Chancellor of NLUJAA. The question is, will the appointment of Prof Patil prove to be a turning point in the history […]

“You can send me your questions via e-mail and I will get back to you”, a student replies when I ask him what he thinks about his university. He looks at me as if he has said the most normal thing in the world, waiting for me to jot down his e-mail ID. “I don’t want to be misquoted”, he explains, much like a Senior Advocate who is reluctant to speak to the press. I have just been lawyered. The first thing I notice is that the campus of the National Law University in Jodhpur has become a lot greener, […]

If a recent proposal of the West Bengal government goes through, the annual intake of NUJS Kolkata might just increase almost twofold. As reported by Legally India, the suggestion was put forth in a meeting of the University’s Executive Council held on Saturday. The report states that the West Bengal government has proposed the opening of two more law schools under the NUJS aegis in Siliguri and Asansol, thereby increasing the intake from 127 at present, to 250 students a year. The proposal has now been tabled for the next Executive Council meeting on November 12. Though Vice-Chancellor Prof Ishwara Bhat, whose […]

Misha Talwar & Sachin Sukumar Amidst the recent controversy surrounding the All India Bar Examination (AIBE) and with the Bar Council of India (BCI) constantly locking horns with the Supreme Court of India, there is a pressing need to redefine the entire existing system. The AIBE Rules lay down a prohibition on law graduates who have graduated post 2010 to practice law, even after enrolment with the respective State Bar Councils, until they successfully pass the AIBE. The AIBE was started with an intent to set a minimum standard for the profession in the country. With law colleges spewing out […]

The First Indicative List of the Common Law Admission Test 2016 has been released on the CLAT website. Although far from being what the final allotment list may look like, it does offer some interesting insights into the preferences of those who wrote the exam, and the gender profile of the 1974 students who have been allotted seats in one of the 17 National Law Universities. Given below is an analysis of the numbers. Gender Comparison 810, or 41% of the 1974 candidates who were allotted a seat in the first list are female. Only 3 of the top ten […]

By Rajneesh Singh The Common Law Admission Test of 2016 has been conducted very well by RGNUL Patiala, so far. After last year’s fiasco, this has been a big relief. The 2016 paper was good overall, but a more difficult section of legal and logic would have been even better. As a pleasant surprise, the CLAT Committee announced the provision of raising objections by the students and acceptance of errors if any. And RGNUL deserves much more than thanks. This year, RGNUL also ensured that there are no glitches by taking demos themselves before the exam. I am sure the result and […]