Lawyers in Supreme Court were in for a surprise today morning; Senior Advocate and former ASG L Nageswara Rao’s name was amongst those recommended by the Chief Justice Thakur-led collegium. The surprise was not without reason. Rao, till as late as yesterday evening, had made his presence felt in Supreme Court. He had appeared and argued for Tamil Nadu and Christian Medical College in the NEET case yesterday. After he quit as Additional Solicitor General in 2014, Rao had returned to a flourishing private practice and had since then appeared in many high profile cases. Rao’s name has now been […]

I know that NLUs as a rule are situated in areas far flung from the city, but this is pushing it. Having travelled more than 25 km from the city of Raipur, there are precious little signs of civilization. Judging by the arid, treeless surroundings, I might as well be on Mars. This area, I’m told, is being prepared as part of the state government’s pet project to transform the new capital, Naya Raipur, to a smart city. Activists in the state will tell you that the land acquired to this end has been done illegally, much to the detriment […]

Chief Justice of India TS Thakur’s teary eyed speech got a great deal of media attention. And the reactions on social media and elsewhere pointed towards general sympathy for the overburdened judiciary. However, whether the Bar views pendency of cases and inadequacy of judges as a serious problem or not remains a moot question. If the unlisted mentioning that happens before the Chief Justice of India at ten-thirty in the morning is anything to go by, then it could very well be time for some introspection by the Bar (and perhaps the Bench too). Yesterday, the unlisted mentioning went on for a good thirty-five minutes […]

Payal Chawla Earlier this month, we woke up to the news of the leak of the Panama Papers involving 11.5 million documents leaked from Mossack Fonseca, a law firm headquartered in Panama. Classified information was obtained by a German newspaper from an anonymous source, who in turn took the assistance of the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) to investigate, analyze the documents. Over 400 journalists spread over 76 countries were involved in this mammoth task. The story grabbed eye-balls and was front page news. It had all the elements that made it newsworthy – world famous politicians, actors, sportsmen, […]

Immediately after the Central government received a setback from Uttarakhand High Court, BJP leader Subramanian Swamy went no holds barred in his criticism of the Centre’s top law officers. Swamy said that both, the Attorney General and the Solicitor General were unprepared and should be replaced. Swamy has all along been at loggerheads with the Attorney General and Solicitor General after the Centre had opposed two of his petitions in the Supreme Court – the challenge to criminal defamation provisions and his challenge to the Constitutionality of hate speech provisions. It has been almost two years since this team of law […]

The bus has dropped me off smack dab in the middle of National Highway two hundred. My heart is still thumping from the excitement of moving at 90 km an hour and evading at least three fatal accidents. Who knew access to justice (or in my case, food) came at the cost of a near heart attack? Why would anyone move the high court from the heart of the city to this virtually uninhabited place? Why is there not so much as a store that sells water around here? How does that bus driver still have a job? So many […]

The effort to regulate the taxi aggregators sector is slowly picking up momentum. Until now, taxi aggregators (or commutechs) did not fall within the purview of the law governing taxi operators; existing laws covered only operators who hired drivers and owned vehicles. Commutechs claim that they merely connect the driver with the customers, and hence do not fall under these laws. This is about to change. In 2015, India’s Ministry of Road Transport issued an advisory for taxi aggregators [pdf]. However, since road transport is found in List II of the Constitution, State Governments are empowered to frame legislation on connected matters including taxi aggregators. Based […]

By Aditya AK & Anuj A In September last year, the Ministry of Human Resource Development announced its plans to develop and publish an objective ranking of the top educational institutions in the country.  It was a significant decision, more so for the country’s law schools. After all, the National Institutional Ranking Framework marked the government’s first foray into ranking the country’s legal institutions. Private media outlets have attempted to initiate an effective ranking exercise, with varying levels of success. The India Today and Outlook rankings, for instance, do command significant readership but also have their fair share of detractors. Early […]

Recently, a group of third-year students from NLSIU Bangalore protested against a Professor for allegedly making uncalled for comments on the attire of a female classmate. But this is not the first time law students, who are trained to be imbued with a sense of right and wrong during the course of their legal education, have gone up in arms. Be it against the administration or against the media, law students have never been shy to vent their ire against violators of their rights. Here are ten such examples of law students fighting for their rights. 1. No shortage of […]

The Appellate Tribunal for Electricity was established under the Electricity Act of 2003. After coming into existence in 2004, the APTEL began hearing appeals from July, 2005. The first Chairperson for APTEL was Justice Anil Dev Singh, a former judge of the Delhi High Court and former Chief Justice of the Rajasthan High Court. Where? The tribunal is located in the SCOPE Complex in Lodhi Road. For the first-time visitor, not just the APTEL but the entire Complex is a maze. There are gigantic pillars around the circular dome-like structure, reminiscent of the layout of Supreme Court of India. These structures are […]