It is an institution that bears some resemblance to the Queen’s Counsel in the United Kingdom. It is also an institution, which has, in the recent past, led to multiple litigation in the country – the institution in question is that of Senior Advocates. Under S. 16 of the Advocates Act of 1961, lawyers may, “by virtue of their ability, standing at the Bar, or special knowledge or experience in law” be designated as Senior Advocates. This “designation” is undertaken by the court in question, be it a High Court or the Supreme Court of India. The exact process on how […]

The right to privacy, and the debate over it, has never been more relevant. The Delhi High Court’s ruling over WhatsApp’s change in policy, the State’s deliberate push towards Aadhar-linked schemes, the imposition and subsequent overturning of prohibition in Bihar, and a host of legislative and policy changes have pushed privacy legislation into the limelight. This right, first enunciated by Warren and Bandeis in the Harvard Law Review in 1890, has been examined by the Supreme Court of India time and again. In the landmark judgment of Kharak Singh v State of UP, the Supreme Court held that the words “protection of life and personal liberty” […]

By Rashmi Raman The International Law Commission (ILC) was set up under the UN Charter as a reflection of a long-standing historical commitment, dating back to international peace conferences in the late 19th century, towards creating an independent body of the most highly qualified experts, drawn from around the world, who would be tasked with the ‘progressive development of international law and its codification’. In realising this mandate over the decades, it has produced some of the most seminal texts that have come to define modern international law – most memorably, on the law of treaties, on state responsibility, in […]

The National Law University and Judicial Academy, Assam has seen its fair share of tumult over the past couple of years. The University’s students have, on more than one occasion, highlighted the administration’s failure to provide them with adequate facilities. This, despite the fact that the annual fees at the University is one of the highest among the CLAT law schools. Last week, Prof JS Patil, founding Vice-Chancellor of Karnataka State Law University (KSLU), took charge as the new Vice Chancellor of NLUJAA. The question is, will the appointment of Prof Patil prove to be a turning point in the history […]

“You can send me your questions via e-mail and I will get back to you”, a student replies when I ask him what he thinks about his university. He looks at me as if he has said the most normal thing in the world, waiting for me to jot down his e-mail ID. “I don’t want to be misquoted”, he explains, much like a Senior Advocate who is reluctant to speak to the press. I have just been lawyered. The first thing I notice is that the campus of the National Law University in Jodhpur has become a lot greener, […]

by Puneet Shah Financial sector reforms have always impacted the common Indian citizen given the growing linkage of Indian economy with the world at large. Today, we live in a global village with strong and growing inter-dependence between our financial systems and the global economies. India’s financial sector has diversified and expanded significantly over the last couple of years. It currently comprises of institutions such as commercial and co-operative banks, non-banking finance companies (NBFC), insurance companies, pension funds, mutual funds, alternative investment and venture capital funds (AIF) and other similar financing entities and pooling vehicles. Continuing with its commitment towards […]

Vasudha Misra & Anuj Agrawal That he comes to court well-prepared is of no doubt. Moments after the matter is called out, the questions start flying in short, intense bursts. Once in a while, he will refer to notes scribbled to the right of the case file, but this does not happen too often. With a pencil in one hand, he can become animated, leaning over his desk to emphasise a certain point. On any given miscellaneous day, roughly seventy matters are disposed of in slightly over ninety minutes. It is fascinating to watch. In line to become the first Chief […]

The moment you enter the campus of the Gujarat High Court in Ahmedabad, you tend to tread very carefully. There are guards stationed every two feet, and they are armed with an assortment of different rifles and sub-machine guns. Oddly enough, there is no frisking at the gate, and you don’t have to pass your bag through a metal detector.  But then again, the fear of getting shot with six different kinds of bullets is more than enough to prevent you from doing anything silly inside the campus. The buildings that house the court rooms have long corridors, the kind […]

For those of who aren’t familiar with podcasts (a portmanteau of ipod  and broadcast), podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. Typically, these are knowledge gems, without the distraction or requirement of any video, shifting all the focus to what matters the most i.e. the content. While countries such as USA and UK have been podcasting successfully for a considerable period, this means of dissemination of content has just recently caught pace in India. And for the lawyers, the availability of content is further narrowed down to a select few. However, we have identified five Indian and five global […]

If a recent proposal of the West Bengal government goes through, the annual intake of NUJS Kolkata might just increase almost twofold. As reported by Legally India, the suggestion was put forth in a meeting of the University’s Executive Council held on Saturday. The report states that the West Bengal government has proposed the opening of two more law schools under the NUJS aegis in Siliguri and Asansol, thereby increasing the intake from 127 at present, to 250 students a year. The proposal has now been tabled for the next Executive Council meeting on November 12. Though Vice-Chancellor Prof Ishwara Bhat, whose […]