AIBE Update 3rd AIBE Results Declared Pass Percentage 63 lower than second AIBE


The Bar Council of India has today announced the long awaited results of the third All India Bar Exam (AIBE) held on January 8, 2012.

The Bar Council of India has today announced the long awaited results of the third All India Bar Exam (AIBE) held on January 8, 2012. Around 24,000 lawyers had enrolled for the third AIBE, which was successfully conducted in 49 centers spread over 29 cities across the country. The attendance for the second AIBE across the country was 94.39 percent.


Candidates will be able to access their results through the BCI website with their roll numbers. State Bar Councils across the country are also being sent a list of the results of the candidates who took the AIBE in their state. 


Speaking about the results Mr. Ashok Parija, Chairman,BCI in the press release said, “The pass percentage for the third AIBE is around 63%, and I am happy that the AIBE for all candidates was conducted in Tamil Nadu this time. As the AIBE is getting more entrenched it is also acquiring the characteristics of a standardized testing mechanism. The pass percentage amongst male and female candidates is nearly the same again though the pass percentage of repeat candidates (who did not clear the earlier AIBEs) is lower than that of fresh candidates.”


As per data released by the BCI, the pass percentage of female candidates (numbering 7952) is slightly lower at 62.66 percent as compared to that of male candidates (numbering 15500) which is at 62.94 percent. The pass percentage of repeat candidates is at 30.31 percent, a sharp contrast to the pass percentage of fresh candidates which was pegged at 61.49 percent.


The state of Bihar has the highest pass percetange of 97.13 followed by Jammu & Kashmir at 96.13 percent. This was a reversal of the results of the last AIBE where Jammu & Kashmir had pipped Bihar to claim the highest pass percentage state-wise. Chattisgarh is the worst-performing state with a pass percentage of 39.53 while it was Andhra Pradesh who had garnered this dubious distinction the last time around.


The pass percentage is the highest amongst students who took the AIBE in Bengali (85.92), followed by by English (71.52) and Hindi (59.64). The worst performance is by students taking the AIBE in Telugu, with a pass percentage of just 31.29 per cent. Interestingly, nearly half the candidates (14209) took the AIBE in English. 


According to the press release, the fixed dates for the AIBE from next academic year onwards will be intimated by March 31, 2012.


The results were delayed due to an injunction granted by a single-judge bench of the Calcutta High Court preventing the BCI to release the results of the 3rd AIBE. However, the BCI had approached the Supreme Court against the order of the Calcutta High Court. On February 8, 2012, a two-judge bench of Justices H.L. Dattu and Anil R. Dave of the Supreme Court stayed the injunction granted by the Calcutta High Court in the AIBE matter leading to declaration of the results.


Details of Third AIBE Results – BCI Press Release